What are the tips recommended by the experts? Experts recommend small ways to eliminate acne

Many mm have such troubles. It is clear that they have passed puberty. How can the acne still keep coming? My work and rest, diet and nursing are all very good, but I still have acne. What’s the matter? In fact, these are the legendary adult pox. Adult acne is common in men and women regardless of your age. Let’s take a look at the causes of adult acne and eliminate it from the source!

Adult acne is troublesome and annoying. It is constantly attached to our faces, whether male or female, regardless of age. To cure the disease, we must start from the source.

Adult acne “favors” women

Adult pox grows continuously in the same place regardless of seasons, usually in the form of thick blisters or cysts on our faces. Most acne is related to excessive secretion of sebaceous glands, but adult acne is related to insufficient sleep, excessive secretion of lutein, fatigue, constipation, improper maintenance and other factors. Moreover, the probability of women is higher than that of men.

Four major causes of adult pox: staying up late makes pox more crowded and sadder

1. Old waste cuticle is not treated in time

Oily skin with excessive oil secretion can easily block pores and cause acne. But if it is dry skin or adults with reduced oil secretion, will pores be blocked? Stress, lack of sleep, physiological and menopausal hormonal changes will all destroy the stratum corneum. The stratum corneum is the outermost protective layer of the skin. When it is damaged, the skin’s resistance will decline and deteriorate. But the old waste horniness will not be reduced and shed due to the destruction of the stratum corneum, so these old waste horniness are often the real culprits of clogging pores, giving opportunities for adult acne.

2. High pressure accumulates into acne

Life pressure is one of the main causes of adult pox. High pressure often leads to increased secretion of male hormones in the body, which induces excessive secretion of oil from sebaceous glands, and pressure acne will emerge one by one. In addition, when you are nervous, anxious, depressed or in a negative mood, your body will secrete stress hormones. When skin problems affect the health of cutin, your immunity will also decline, and your skin’s resistance to bacteria will naturally decrease, leading to easy inflammation. Not only are adult acne easy to grow, but it is also difficult to completely cure it after it appears.

3. Carbohydrates promote acne

Dermatologists evaluated the relationship between diet and adult acne. According to the experts, carbohydrate foods will aggravate the generation of adult acne. Research data show that the strong evidence of diet and adult pox comes from the glycemic index, and diet with low glycemic index can improve adult pox. However, eating foods with high glycemic index will trigger a series of reactions, which will eventually aggravate adult pox outbreaks through growth hormone and sex hormone.

4. Staying up late makes the acne more crowded and sadder

Lack of sleep is the most common cause of adult acne. Usually, people who stay up late to have acne have rough and dull skin. When they look outside the acne, they get red and swollen first and feel hard. It is caused by poor physical function, poor blood circulation, poor metabolism, inability to discharge toxins, and formation of acne on the skin. Adult pox in this situation will not be inflamed. If you squeeze it hard, it will worsen inflammation. In case of such acne, you should reduce staying up late and supplement vitamin B3 and vitamin C to increase the body’s resistance.

Refreshing care is the fundamental need. Be careful when adjusting by cosmetics

No matter what the cause of acne is, we should follow the principle of freshness in skin care, otherwise it will give more burden to the skin. If you rely on cosmetics to regulate excessive oil secretion, you should pay attention to the following:

1. Cleansing Milk with strong cleaning power: it can thoroughly wash the sebum on the face. Pay attention to washing your face several times a day, but don’t wash it too much to avoid drying and tightness after washing. Excessive degreasing will make the skin dry inside and oily outside.

2. Plant extract regulates oily skin: it can quickly astringe pores and ease a large amount of oil discharge. The classic ingredients are jinluomei extraction and various kinds of fruit acids. The products are mostly adjusted to acidic formulas, which can play an astringent effect.

3. Alcohol containing make-up lotion: remove the oil gloss. When using, pay attention to the excessive concentration of alcohol, which should not be used for a long time. Alcohol can not only remove the oily luster, but also cause early keratinization of the skin. If you use it too much, the skin will become rougher and darker.

4. Products containing zinc and copper ions: the main purpose is to inhibit the activity of 5A reductase and remove activated sebum, which is the best method at present. The common ones are Zn PCA, Cu PCA, Zn gluconate and Cu gluconate.

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