What to eat for whitening? What food should I eat to whiten

1。 Papaya

Papaya contains a lot of vitamin C, which helps to brighten and tighten the skin, and Pro Vitamin A, which can promote skin regeneration. It combines all the functions of vitamin C essence and exfoliating agent. It can not only be used as a facial scrub, but also as a food papaya. Papaya also contains digestive enzymes and papain, which help fight inflammation and reduce skin redness.

2。 lemon

Lemon is a well-known whitening product, which helps remove fat soluble toxins and secretions that may cause acne and worsen oily skin. Lemon juice also emulsifies fat, which helps keep skin hydrated. There are also flavonoid limonoids contained in lemon peel, which can kill bacteria in the mouth and intestine and prevent acne caused by bacteria.

3。 Semen sesami nigrum

Many women should know more about the hair care effect of black sesame, but they don’t know much about the beauty effect of black sesame. Black sesame contains rich nutritional elements, which are very helpful for us to improve our skin condition, especially for women who love to stay up late or drink alcohol. It is very suitable for us to improve our skin condition by eating black sesame.

4。 beet

By stimulating the lymphatic system, beet can reverse the dullness of skin, help restore brightness to dull and dull skin, and take away garbage from the body. Beet can also improve the ability of carrying oxygen in the blood to 400%, make the skin more energetic, and may even help reduce the appearance of fat mass and strengthen the dermis of the skin.

5。 Purple cabbage

Purple cabbage contains the same anthocyanins as purple blueberries. This plant nutrient helps reduce wrinkles and inhibit excessive pigmentation. The vitamin C content of purple cabbage is 6 times that of ordinary cabbage. At the same time, purple cabbage also contains sulforaphane, which helps to eliminate toxins that cause fine lines.

6。 Pumpkin seeds

Rich in zinc, vitamin E, sulfur and ω- 3 fat, pumpkin seed, which can promote skin healing, nourish and repair skin, and keep skin moist, is a beauty product that can not be missed. Pumpkin seeds can also help repair blemishes when you have skin damage.

7。 Tomato Juice

Tomatoes are a food that many women like very much. Tomatoes are a natural sunscreen that can help us resist the damage of ultraviolet rays. For women who are often exposed to the sun, they must drink a glass of tomato juice every day. Of course, the best way to prevent sunscreen is sunscreen.

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