What food can whiten? What food can whiten the skin

As the saying goes, “one white covers three ugly”, whitening is something that many people hope to achieve. There are many whitening products on the market. These products are usually expensive, and they often have little effect on skin whitening. In fact, the regulation of the body and skin should be improved through diet. What we eat every day is the most easily absorbed by the body, except for those foods that contain substances harmful to our health. If you really want to whiten, you may as well start to improve your daily eating habits. Good eating habits, coupled with the necessary skin care procedures and sun protection procedures every day, will not only make your skin white.

The reason why the skin can be white and transparent is that the human body is rich in collagen, and there is no stubborn garbage that is difficult to discharge. Therefore, if you want to whiten, you must first supplement collagen to the skin and promote metabolism in the body. Food with these two functions is taken from the diet.

The first food to be introduced is yogurt. Yogurt not only has the effect of moistening the intestines and helping digestion, but also helps the metabolism of the body, which can also produce the effect of whitening. If you are prone to frequent acne, you should drink yogurt more. Yogurt can not only be eaten directly to achieve the whitening effect, but also be used for painting the face and as a facial mask to keep the skin delicate, tight and white, Be sure to wash off the yogurt after applying it again. The second kind of food is lemon. The rich vitamin C in lemon has a good effect on the skin. Drinking a cup of lemon honey water every morning can also promote the metabolism of the body and have the effect of losing weight. If you often use lemon to make tea and drink, your skin will become better. Many girls will always have lemon to delay aging and tighten their skin.

The third kind of food is pitaya. Pitaya is cold and can help the intestines and stomach move. The anthocyanins it contains can also promote the digestion of food. It is a star fruit in weight loss and beauty care. Oranges are also whitening fruits. Rich vitamin C can be fully absorbed by the human body. The white meridians outside the orange pulp can also dispel fire. Cucumber is also a food that can whiten. It can also be used as a facial mask. It will be better if it is mixed with honey and used as a facial mask. It can also moisturize the skin and improve the pore size. Perhaps many people do not know that the vitamin content in kiwifruit can actually compete with lemon. Eating kiwifruit often can make the skin smooth, delicate and elastic. Tomatoes can also reduce the production of melanin in the body. In hot summer, girls who are careless about not taking sun protection measures can eat more tomatoes.

Eating more foods that can whiten is safer and more effective than whitening with skin care products. The focus of both lies in persistence.

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