Excessive stimulation can lead to prostate cancer!

Recently, relevant experts introduced that the annual new incidence rate of prostate cancer in China is 4-5 per 100000 people, increasing by 10% every year. As China enters the elderly society, in 10 years’ time, there will be 60 to 70 new cases per 100000 people each year.

Some experts believe that in addition to the occurrence of prostate cancer caused by diet and lifestyle, excessive visual and psychological sexual stimulation, which makes male hormone secretion exuberant, is an inducement for prostate cancer.

prostate disease increases by 10% every year

According to experts, the annual new incidence rate of prostate cancer among black people in some areas is as high as 300 per 100000 people; In Europe and the United States, there are 200 out of 100000 people; Prostate cancer has become a common malignant tumor in China, with a incidence rate of 4 to 5 per 100000 people and an annual growth rate of 10%. However, because prostate disease is a male elderly disease, China has a large population base and a fast aging rate. “It is expected that in 10 years, we will enter the elderly society. If there is no way to control it, the number of prostate cancer may reach 60 to 70 per 100000 people,” Professor Zhou Fangjian said.

sexual stimulation is related to the rapid growth of prostate gland

It is reported that prostate disease is closely related to lifestyle and diet. Studies have found that the cholesterol content in hyperplastic and inflammatory prostate glands is twice that of normal glands, and elevated cholesterol is a trigger for prostate cancer. The etiology of prostate cancer is also related to hormones, especially androgens may play an important role.

“Male hormone secretion is exuberant, causing hormone imbalance in the body and causing diseases. Hormone secretion is not only related to diet, but also caused by external sexual stimulation.” Professor Zhou Fangjian said that this formulation came from a survey of prostate diseases in Arab countries and European and American countries. “At that time, experts from all over the world investigated diet and habits, and I proposed to include sexual stimulation.”

Experts explained that, including visual and psychological stimuli, “seeing girls wear less, reading and watching pornographic novels and movies, most men have physiological and psychological reactions, and hormones will rise accordingly.” He went on to explain that black people have high androgens, and relevant data show that black people also have high prostate cancer. “The lifestyles of some Arab countries are similar to those of the West. However, the Arab countries advocate halal, and women are from head to toe. The incidence rate of the two countries is far from each other.”

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