Five daily habits to help you dispel dampness effectively

Moisture is caused by the imbalance of water regulation in the human body and the inability of water to be discharged from the body. The Yellow Emperor’s internal medicine Sutra Suwen records that “above the Taiyin, moisture dominates.” Excessive moisture will cause pain in limbs, cold hands and feet, thick yellow tongue coating, loose stool and other symptoms.. Under normal circumstances, the human body has the ability to self regulate the humidity and temperature changes of the outside world. However, due to the influence of personal physique or living habits, such as wearing a suspender vest after the beginning of summer, eating cold drinks and ice cream, staying in an air-conditioned room for a long time, and so on, it will lead to the accumulation of humidity and evil in the body, and eventually other diseases will take advantage of it. Scientific research shows that fatty liver, asthma, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are actually related to dampness.

After the beginning of summer, people began to drink cold drinks and eat cool fruits and vegetables. Little did they realize that while enjoying the coolness for a short time, they also buried the damp evil in their bodies, which became a major hidden danger affecting their health. It is written in an ancient book that “a thousand colds are easy to get rid of, but one dampness is hard to get rid of. Dampness is sticky and turbid, like oil entering the noodles.” Among the six evils of “cold, heat, dryness, dampness, wind and fire”, the most difficult one is dampness. Therefore, we should pay attention to developing good habits in our daily life and try not to get involved with damp evil. Once infected with dampness, there is no need to worry and worry too much. As long as we treat and regulate it according to scientific methods, we can always slowly drive away the dampness.

dispelling dampness starts with the details of daily life

1. Light diet

A light diet can make your stomach more comfortable. Try not to eat greasy, raw or cold food. Because “sweet and greasy turn wet”, greasy, raw and cold food will stagnate the digestive and absorption functions of the intestines and stomach. After the beginning of summer, you should eat more food to relieve heat, remove humidity and promote water and swelling. They can help you discharge the moisture and heat in your body from your urine, such as red bean porridge and lotus leaf porridge.

2. Exercise and perspiration

Adhering to moderate exercise can promote smooth blood circulation in the body, activate the operation of body organs, and accelerate the discharge of moisture in the body. Jogging, swimming, yoga, Taijiquan and so on are all good exercises. Exercise for 1-2 hours each time to achieve physical and mental smoothness and slight sweating. Vigorous exercise is not recommended at this time. Because after the beginning of summer, the Yang Qi of the human body is outward, and the Yin is inward. Excessive sweating is easy to damage the heart and Yin.

3. Avoid external dampness

After the beginning of summer, the temperature will rise rapidly, the precipitation will increase, and the humidity and heat will be mixed. Whenever it rains, we should pay attention to shelter from rain in time. If you are accidentally caught in the rain, don’t ignore it. It’s better to change into damp clothes and drink some ginger syrup to warm up immediately after you go home.

4. Ventilation

On sunny days, try to open the window for ventilation to let the sun shine indoors; In rainy or foggy days, we should open fewer windows. 39 Health Care editors suggest that keeping indoor humidity not higher than 60% is more conducive to health. If the humidity in the home is too heavy, you can use the dehumidification function of the air conditioner.

5. Do not turn your back to the air conditioner

After the beginning of summer, the temperature rises, and many people start blowing air conditioners and fans. In particular, some people feel particularly cool when they stand under the air conditioner with their backs to the air conditioner as soon as they get home after strenuous exercise. In fact, this practice is extremely hurtful. When sweating, the pores of the skin are in an enlarged state, and the air pool point is just exposed when the back is facing the air conditioner. According to the book of the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic – Lingshu, the wind is a Yang evil. Its nature is light, and it is above the head. Only the wind can reach it. Fengchi acupoint is located in the middle of the sunken hair after the temporal shift. It is the meeting of Shaoyang and Yangwei in the hand. It is the main cause of stroke and dryness. Shaoyang has a headache. It is the accumulation place of wind evil, so it is named Fengchi After exercise, often turn your back to the air conditioner, and a large amount of dampness and evil Qi will enter your body from Fengchi point. In the long run, you will have headache, dizziness and other symptoms.

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