Exercise can improve muscles and ease relaxation

When looking in the mirror or looking at your photos, you will often find that your body and facial muscles are sagging and very ugly. What can I do to improve muscle relaxation? Experts believe that we should start with improving muscles. As long as we exercise well, we can make our skin and bones more beautiful.

do repeated muscle exercises with the intensity you can adhere to.

In order to eliminate muscle relaxation, it is very necessary to adhere to muscle movement within the scope of ability. Lecturer Daoya Tanimoto of Kinki University believes that “the basic purpose of muscle movement is to exercise as many muscles as possible within one’s own ability. In general, it is more appropriate to repeat 8-12 times”. Moreover, even if the exercise of body parts is intense, it will not bring systemic fatigue. Therefore, this practice is the most desirable.

After exercise, water will be collected in the muscles for a short time, which will appear tight and not relaxed, but “if you want to really achieve the effect of preventing muscle relaxation, you must persist for 2-3 months before you can really see the change”, explains Tanimoto.

Many times, the reason why muscles relax is because of fat accumulation. “In general, people think that fat is used to store immobile parts, but if people move, the brain will think that this part of fat is an obstacle to exercise, and then promote the decomposition of fat, which can achieve the effect of weight loss.” Professor katsuri goto of Toyohashi creativity University explains this. He pointed out that compared with muscle tightness, the reduction of fat can be detected more quickly. In general, it can be clearly felt that the fat is decreasing in about a month. If diet adjustment alone is used to lose weight, even if the fat decreases rapidly in a short time, the accumulation of fat will occur. Therefore, it is very important to make full use of the effect of exercise when losing weight.

preventing muscle relaxation can maintain health.

The most awesome way to prevent muscle relaxation is exercise. Professor goto explained that “after the muscle fibers of muscles become thinner, fat will fill the gap between these fiber cells”. If you keep exercising, fat will not be given the opportunity to fill the gap.

In addition, exercise will also benefit the skin and bones. Growth hormone will be continuously secreted due to exercise, which can also improve the premature aging of the skin and strengthen the bones. Therefore, exercise is the best way to maintain health.

how to deal with muscle relaxation in the whole body

If there is muscle relaxation in the whole body, we should not only pay attention to the muscle relaxation in the face and body from the surface, but also from the inside of the body to prevent muscle relaxation.

1. Do not reduce protein from fish and meat

Even if people who want to lose weight want to reduce the calories in their diet, the intake of protein must be maintained. Fish and meat contain a large amount of collagen, which has a good preventive effect on skin relaxation.

2. Good supplement of calcium and magnesium

Bones will shrink due to aging, which will lead to muscle relaxation. If you want to prevent it, you must take good calcium required for bone synthesis. In addition, magnesium should be supplemented appropriately.

3. Go to bed early and get up early to keep enough sleep

Growth hormone can well promote the metabolism of muscles, skin and bones, and this growth hormone is secreted better after falling asleep before 12:00 at night. Therefore, it is also important to keep a good sleep.

4. Maintain a certain amount of exercise, even if it is only light exercise

Sports meetings have good effects on strengthening muscles and promoting metabolism. If you don’t have time for special exercises, you can keep light exercise. Experts believe that “even doing morning exercises with the radio is OK”. Therefore, you may as well keep a certain amount of exercise to make yourself healthier.

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