In dry winter, you must learn how to avoid chapped skin

The skin is the first line of defense of the human body’s surface. If the skin surface is damaged, not only bacteria, viruses and other pathogens will not be blocked but will drive forward and make people sick, but also because the skin surface defense is weakened, the channel on the body’s skin surface will be opened and allergens will easily enter, which will induce allergic diseases such as allergic skin diseases and affect the functions of hands and feet.

in dry winter, you must learn a moisturizing trick to deal with chapped skin

Abnormal keratinization and metabolism on the surface of the skin, or fungal infection on the skin, or skin allergy, resulting in skin lesions, such as tinea manus, tinea pedis, eczema, can cause epidermal keratin hyperplasia, loss of elasticity, brittle cuticle of the skin, resulting in epidermal chap and bleeding. Chapped skin often occurs in the following cases.

1. Diseases with abnormal metabolism of congenital epidermal keratosis, such as ichthyosis and palmoplantar keratosis, lack of oil and elasticity in the epidermis due to excessive epidermal keratosis, resulting in chapped skin.

2. For children, women and the elderly with dry skin, the oil secretion on the skin surface decreases and lacks. In winter, when the weather is dry, the skin of hands and feet is easy to be dry and chapped.

3. People who often wash with soap and washing powder, and workers who often contact with gasoline, kerosene, coal, lime and cement, are prone to dry and chapped hands and feet due to the loss of sebum.

4. Due to endocrine disorders, some women (young women and menopausal women) are prone to keratinization of the fingers and palms, resulting in chapped hands and feet.

5. Some people with allergic skin diseases have eczema on hands and feet, especially chapped eczema. The skin loses its normal function, sebum secretion decreases, skin thickens and keratinizes, which is easy to cause chapped hands and feet.

6. Because the skin is infected with fungi, such as Trichophyton rubrum, it causes chronic infection, inflammation of the skin, abnormal keratinization of the epidermis, formation of hyperkeratotic tinea of hands and feet, thickening of the skin horniness, and chapping in winter.

In case of chapped skin, in addition to using the above anti chapped drugs to restore the skin to normal, it is also necessary to find out the cause of the disease, correct bad habits and improve the working environment. At the same time, it is necessary to add some drugs according to different causes:

1. If there is tinea of hands and feet, keratosis and allergy combined with chap, in addition to anti chap drugs, new antifungal drugs can also be used at the same time, such as paresone, Myco, Fuqi, Huanli, and Ramsay ointment.

2. For those with chapped eczema, in addition to anti chapping drugs, hormone ointment can also be used, such as yudrol (hydrocortisone butyrate), clofluxol ointment, alonson ointment, etc.

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