Do eight things right and live more than ten years

A study published in the lancet, a famous medical journal, shows that the global average life expectancy is about 7 years longer than 20 years ago, and the average age of death has increased from 65 to 72. Researchers pointed out that how long a person can live depends 30% on genes and 70% on personal choices. Recently, the US “Rodale” Life Network summarized eight methods that can increase life expectancy.

decompression: + 10 years

A comparative study of sick children and healthy mothers showed that the length of telomere bodies of the former was significantly shorter than that of the latter, and the length of telomere bodies of cells could determine the aging process of cells to a large extent, and then affect the overall life span of people. Researchers say that women who are under great pressure due to their children’s illness will be about 10 years older than their peers. Therefore, it is necessary to learn self decompression in life to delay the aging process of the human body.

weight loss : + 8 years

The research report in the lancet diabetes and endocrinology pointed out that obesity can reduce life by up to 8 years. Researchers recognized that overweight is the same hazard to health as smoking.

stop drinking carbonated drinks : + 5 years

According to a study published in the American Journal of public health, drinking 20 ounces (600 ml) of carbonated drinks a day can shorten the life span by about five years. Researchers have found that carbonated drinks are rich in sugar. Drinking them in large quantities for a long time can significantly shorten the length of telomeres and accelerate human aging.

eat more fish: + 1 year

The biggest advantage of eating fish is to get rich omega-3 fatty acids from it, so as to keep the brain active. Researchers in North Carolina found that the cognitive decline of the elderly who ate fish once a week slowed down by 1.6 years. Fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids mainly include salmon, sardine, tuna and so on.

eat less sugar: + 5 years

Data show that nearly 30% of Americans suffer from diabetes or pre diabetes, which is mainly caused by excessive sugar intake in their daily diet. Research published in the annals of internal medicine shows that diabetes can age the brain by 5 years and increase the risk of cognitive decline.

less meat and more vegetables: + 11 years

A study in the journal Cell Metabolism found that people who mainly eat meat to get animal protein have an increased risk of death of about 75% compared with those who eat more vegetable protein. A large intake of animal protein can increase the risk of death from cancer by 4 times for people under 65 years old, and increase the risk of death from diabetes by 5 times for people of all ages.

keep away from cadmium: + 11 years

The study published in American epidemiology found that the telomere length of cells in people exposed to high concentration of cadmium was significantly shorter than that in people exposed to low concentration of cadmium, which was equivalent to that the human body was 11 years older. The largest sources of cadmium in life are smoke from smoking, contaminated fruits and vegetables, and living in industrial areas.

quit smoking: + 10 years

Researchers at Oxford University found that smoking can make people die 10 years earlier; If you can quit smoking before the age of 40, you can reduce the risk of early death by 90%; If you quit smoking before the age of 30, the risk of early death can be further reduced by 97%.

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