Beauty and skin care freckle Removal Tips beauty and skin care freckle removal methods

“Yellow faced woman” actually means that she has a yellow face and spots on her face. Then, beauty and skin care are mainly aimed at freckling. You just don’t want to be called a yellow faced woman anymore, so you need to start beauty and skin care. What should we do? We’ll give you some tips and tricks. Freckle removal is not difficult. The key is to persevere. If you can’t persevere, it will be difficult to remove freckles. Here are some recipes for dietotherapy.

Potatoes are rich in vitamins, which can promote the growth of skin cells, maintain skin luster, bleach subcutaneous melanin, not only whiten and rejuvenate the skin, but also eliminate summer sunburn. The production method is as follows: wash potatoes, peel and cut them into pieces, put them into a juicer to squeeze juice, and pour them into a clean container. Pour 1 / 3 cup of fresh milk into the container, and mix in flour to make a paste, which can be used as a facial mask. Apply to face and wash after 20 minutes.

Cucumber, put the cucumber into the juicer and pour it into a small bowl. Add egg white, pearl powder and a proper amount of flour to make a paste, subject to no downward flow. Wash your face, apply the prepared facial mask paste on your face, wash it after drying, and pat on the skin softener and skin care products, 1-2 times a week.

Chrysanthemum. Boil chrysanthemum and japonica rice together to make chrysanthemum porridge for internal consumption. Mash the chrysanthemum and stir the egg white evenly before applying to the face to whiten the skin. Put the chrysanthemum petals into the bottle, inject medical alcohol and seal it. After one month, dilute it with twice the cold boiled water and smear it on the face. It has whitening effect on the skin, especially on oily skin.

Beauty, skin care and freckle removal can be used in life, and dietetic methods can achieve twice the result with half the effort. The special function of brown sugar in detoxifying and moisturizing is mainly due to its natural ingredients. Studies have found that sugarcane contains a variety of essential amino acids for human body, such as lysine, malic acid and citric acid, which are essential basic materials for synthesizing human protein and supporting metabolism. Brown sugar can be directly consumed for beauty, skin care and freckle removal, or made into a facial mask, which can be used to apply face and massage skin, and also has a good effect of beauty, skin care and freckle removal. Here is a facial detoxification scrub that can be made with brown sugar and honey, which can immediately eliminate the color spots on your face and return your white and tender skin.

There are tea facial cleanser, tea cosmetic lotion, tea facial mask, Tea Whitening Cream, tea sunscreen, tea shampoo and so on. They all take advantage of the beauty effect of tea, which is safe and less irritating. The method of use is simple, economical and applicable, and can achieve good results after long-term adherence. Tea is used in cosmetics, so that the beauty ingredients in tea are directly absorbed by the skin. Achieve the effect of beauty, skin care and freckle removal.

Bean sprout soup for beauty, skin care and freckle removal: add a proper amount of water to the pot, boil, add the washed bean sprouts, and cook until the bean sprouts are cooked. It is light and has the smell of buds, but it cannot be salted. Drink light soup and eat bean sprouts, three times a day for several days. Soybean sprouts and mung bean sprouts are the sprouts of soybean and mung bean after blistering. It is a cholesterol free, low-fat and high protein vegetable. It is rich in nutrients, including protein, fat, sugar, phospholipid, carotene, vitamin BL, vitamin B2, etc. Bean sprouts clear heat and detoxify, relieve summer heat and produce saliva. Beauty beauty skin care and freckle removing soup has the effect of moistening the skin and removing wartiness. It is suitable for the treatment of flat warts, corns and other diseases. It is an auxiliary food for beauty, skin care and freckle removal.

Maybe you haven’t heard of these little folk recipes, maybe you are but have no effect. This will test your perseverance. The Great Wall was not built in a day. It will be effective only if it is used consistently. These folk remedies, such as brown sugar and honey professional title detoxification scrub, may not be very popular for you who are not used to sticky facial mask. Yellow faced women should choose the method suitable for themselves to remove freckles according to their preferences and conditions.

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