Six step freckle removal method: be a spotless beauty six step freckle removal method: be a spotless beauty

I don’t know if beauties have ever had such an experience. Some MM’s facial features are very beautiful on the road, and they are impeccable from a distance. But when you look closer, the facial problems on their faces appear one by one. In particular, mm with long spots on his face can’t be covered up with foundation make-up, which makes him very embarrassed. Today, Xiaobian will teach you some tips to make you a spotless beauty.

1. Remove aged cutin

Regularly remove the aged horniness on the face. Black spots are generated by the topmost basal layer of our skin. The really effective freckle removing product should go deep into the dermis of our skin, balance the melanin in the body through the dermis, and effectively remove the aged horniness, so as to achieve light spots from the inside to the outside. Xiaobian recommends you to read: beauty loving MM’s secret of eliminating color spots

2. Whitening and moisturizing

Whitening itself is a process of purifying the skin. When you use whitening products, effective whitening products also penetrate into the dermis of the skin. When the melanin in the dermis is balanced, the color spot cells in the epidermis will fall off. At this time, the skin needs moisture and nutrition very much. Sufficient moisture can promote the metabolism of the skin and accelerate the effect of lightening spots.

3. Strengthen sunscreen measures

The skin with color spots is very fragile. When you are exposed to the sun without any sunscreen measures, the melanin color at the bottom of your skin will increase rapidly. On the surface, you may not see obvious changes, but over time, your skin will become dull. Therefore, whether you are indoors or outdoors, you should take sunscreen measures.

4. Internal adjustment secret recipe

Drink a cup of tomato juice or carrot juice every day. As we all know, tomatoes are holy beauty products. They contain very rich vitamin C. eating tomatoes regularly can reduce the production of melanin; Carrots are rich in vitamin A, which can dilute spots and make skin smooth and tender.

5. Keep a good mood

The production of spots has a great relationship with women’s endocrine and mood. Simply using freckle whitening products may only achieve general effects. If you can maintain a happy mood every day, the spots on your face will naturally be less when you are in a good mood. To completely remove freckles, the most important thing is to maintain a happy mood. When you are in a beautiful mood, you will naturally be beautiful.

6. Ingenious Concealer is invisible

Freckle removal is a long-term process, and it can’t be completed in ten and a half days. If you think that the spots on your face really affect your “face”, you can use Concealer cream to cover the spots on your face when you go out, but you must remember that when you come home after applying concealer, you must use makeup remover to remove the concealer on your face, otherwise you will block pores.

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