Self made 6 acne removing facial mask can protect tender skin naturally and healthily? 6 kinds of acne removing facial mask made by myself, natural and healthy, to protect tender skin

Acne is the most annoying thing for girls. It not only damages your skin, but also makes you look less perfect. If it is inflamed, it is likely that acne marks will not be removed. So how can acne be removed? Skin care experts recommend homemade Chinese herbal acne removing facial mask, which helps you protect your tender muscles naturally and healthily.

Saline toothpaste acne removing self-made facial mask

This method of removing acne is very simple. You only need to prepare a clean towel first, immerse it in light saline water, and then take it out and apply it to the place with acne on your face after it is completely soaked. After that, squeeze some toothpaste with Chinese herbal ingredients on the acne. This method can have an anti-inflammatory effect and help remove acne.

Carrot acne removing homemade facial mask

Put the fresh carrots into the juicer, just take the juice and add flour to mix it evenly, and then apply it on the face after it becomes a paste. This self-made facial mask has the effect of removing spots and weakening acne marks, and is also effective in combating facial wrinkles.

Chinese cabbage acne removing self-made facial mask

After washing the fresh Chinese cabbage, take down a whole leaf and put it on a clean chopping board, spread it out and crush it into a net paste with a clean wine bottle. Then you can apply it directly on your face and change it for about 10 minutes. This method can help clean your skin, eliminate acne, and moisturize it.

Loofah cereal anti acne homemade facial mask

Cut the fresh loofah into half, peel and mash it, then add two spoonfuls of cereal and stir it together, apply it to your face for 15 minutes, and then wash it. Loofah contains a variety of vitamin components. Long term use can help bleach the skin, and has a good curative effect on acne, helping to eliminate inflammation and make the skin smoother.

Mung bean powder facial mask

Take a packet of mung bean powder. Apply some makeup water on your face before applying it, and then apply a paper towel on your face. First dig some small holes on the paper towel that can breathe, then apply mung bean powder, and tear it up after use. It is worth noting that mung bean powder particles that are ground too fine should be selected so that weak skin will not be invaded by too many particles. The facial mask can clear away heat and eliminate acne.

Apple facial mask

Peel the apple, mash it, and apply it to your face. For dry and allergic skin, excessive fresh beef or animal oil can be added; Add some egg white to oily skin. After 15-20 minutes, wash with a hot towel. Once every other day, a course of treatment is 20 days. It can make the skin smooth, moist, white and tender, and also eliminate the symptoms of skin acne, bird’s fever, black fever and so on.

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