How to use donkey hide gelatin to remove freckles and beautify? How to use donkey hide gelatin to remove freckles and beautify

We all know that Ejiao has specific blood tonic and beauty effects. In fact, there are many delicious foods, such as pig’s feet, which contain high collagen and are good for the skin. What are the ways to eat Ejiao, what problems and matters to pay attention to when eating Ejiao, how to use Ejiao to freckle and beautify, can Ejiao be eaten more.

How to use donkey hide gelatin to remove freckles

Ejiao originated in the Qin and Han Dynasties. It is a traditional top-grade tonic and blood tonic product. It is made of donkey skin as the main raw material and put ajing water into it (the glue boiled without ajing water is donkey skin glue and donkey glue). Ejiao originated in gudong’e County, Shandong Province (today’s ancient ajing, Acheng Town, Yanggu County). It is amber, transparent and odorless. Also known as donkey hide glue.

In fact, Ejiao also has strong beauty, freckle and anti-aging effects. Yang Guifei, one of the four beautiful women in ancient China, has a creamy skin, fair and smooth, and no spots on her face, which is related to taking donkey hide gelatin all the year round.

Ejiao has been used for more than 2000 years. It has the functions of nourishing blood, nourishing health care, beauty and beauty. It is a dual-use product for medicine and food. Ejiao directly acts on the hematopoietic chain, increases bone marrow hematopoietic cells, white blood cells, red blood cells and hemoglobin, promotes bone marrow hematopoietic function, quickly restores red blood cells of hemorrhagic anemia, and enhances immune function. In addition, Ejiao can also stimulate the production of glutathione and superoxide dismutase (SOD) in the cells of the body, and can improve the activity of (SOD), which can scavenge oxygen free radicals, fight tumors, anti-aging and improve the immunity of the body. This is the secret of Ejiao’s ability to inhibit tumor growth, beauty and delay aging.

Precautions for eating donkey hide gelatin

Donkey hide gelatin (Ejiao) is a kind of gelatinous substance made from the depilated skin of equine donkeys. Donkeys feed mainly on wheat straw and cereal grass, and are raised in northern China. Donkey skins can be harvested all year round. Generally, the Ejiao production season is from October to May of the next year. The medicinal donkey hide gelatin is a regular rectangle, about 8.5 cm long, about 3.7 cm wide and 0.7 to 1.5 cm thick. The surface is tan or dark brown with luster. It is hard and brittle, with bright section. The fragments are brown and translucent when viewed from the light. The air is slight and the taste is sweet.

1. Donkey hide gelatin should not be directly fried, but steamed with water alone. The newly boiled donkey hide gelatin should not be eaten to avoid “getting angry”.

2. Ejiao is used for nourishing yin and blood. It is fried with clam powder for clearing lungs and resolving phlegm, and fried with dandelion for hemostasis.

3. It is used for coughing up blood due to asthenia, hematochezia, hematemesis and other bleeding

4. It is often combined with gypsum, almond, ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus, etc. for the treatment of asthenia heat and upset due to asthenia fatigue, lung dryness, cough, Yin blood deficiency.

5. Treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis and hemoptysis: grind donkey hide gelatin into fine powder, take 20-30g each time, 2-3 times a day, deliver it with warm boiled water, or boil it into a paste and drink it. All were equipped with constant western medicine and antituberculosis drugs.

6. Treatment of restless and slippery fetus: 12 grams of donkey hide gelatin, 2 chickens, 30 grams of brown sugar (poached egg suit).

7. Ejiao is afraid of rhubarb.

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