What are the methods of removing spots? What are the methods of removing spots

Long spots on the face are really a terrible thing. Many times, even if we cover them with cosmetics, we can’t let them disappear completely. And spots have also become a killer of women’s faces. In order to stop spots from acting recklessly, Xiaobian has brought me these ways to eliminate spots, so that you will not be afraid of spots in the future.

What are the methods to remove spots? These foods have a really good freckle removing effect:

1. Eggplant freckle removing

We can find a fresh eggplant, and then cut off its skin. Pay attention to the thinner the eggplant skin, the better, because the thin skin will be more comfortable on your face. Then we clean our face, stick the eggplant skin on our face, and wait about ten minutes to take it off. This is very effective for mm with freckles on his face.

2. Balsam pear freckle removing

Many people will not think that Momordica charantia can also be used to remove freckles. In fact, Momordica charantia is very good for our health whether it is eaten or used. If we want to use Momordica charantia to remove freckles, we must first put it in the refrigerator and freeze it for 30 minutes. When the time comes, we take out the seeds of Momordica charantia, then cut them into pieces and put them in the juicer to make them into mud. Then we can add a spoonful of honey to them, and then stir them to smear them on our face. In this way, we can let Momordica charantia stay on our face for 20 minutes and then wash them off, so as to reduce spots.

3. Aloe Vera freckle removing

Aloe Vera has a complete range of effects. It can not only diminish inflammation, replenish water and remove acne, but also remove freckles. We need to remove the skin of aloe vera, and then put its leaf flesh in a bowl to make it into a mud. After that, we add some honey and flour in it, stir it, and then apply it to the face. Generally speaking, the application time is about ten minutes.

4. Wax gourd freckle removing

Winter melon can not only be eaten as a dish and a soup, but also a food that can clean the skin, fade spots and improve skin tone. At ordinary times, we can cut off a piece of wax gourd, remove its skin and seeds, and make it into a mud. Then we can apply it directly on the cleaned face. After applying it for 20 minutes, we can wash it off with warm water. After washing it off, you can find your face is slippery.

5. Carrot freckle

We wash the carrots and put them in the juicer to squeeze the juice. Then we add some glycerin to the juice and stir it. Then we soak the compressed facial mask in it and stick it on our face. This can not only remove freckles, but also thoroughly clean the skin.

It is not possible to eliminate spots in one or two days, so if you choose a way to remove spots, you must stick to it. I believe your persistence will dilute some spots.

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