What about long spots of expectant mothers during pregnancy? How to deal with long spots of expectant mothers during pregnancy

The growth of pregnancy spots during pregnancy is mainly related to changes in hormone levels during pregnancy. Pregnancy spots do affect beauty, so how to remove them during pregnancy?

Wash your face with tea

Tea juice contains tea polyphenols, which are valuable natural skin care ingredients and can effectively reduce skin pigmentation. Expectant mothers can wash their faces with the second course of tea juice, or they can directly smear the tea juice on the spots at night and wash them off the next morning. Long term use can eliminate color spots and make skin more tender and white.

Celery root freckle remover

Take 60g fresh celery root, chop it, soak it in water for 24 hours, filter it and take juice.

How to do it: use the filtered juice to wash your face, once a day in the morning and once in the evening, which is very effective in removing freckles.

Method: peel the fresh wax gourd, put the gourd ladle into the water and fry it. After it is boiled into juice, add white vinegar, mix and stir evenly, and then apply the facial mask to the face when the wax gourd juice is cool. Remember to clean your face before applying it, avoid the eyes and lips, lie down and wait for 10 minutes, and then wash it off.

Eggplant freckle removing

Eggplant is very good at dealing with freckles. I think many people don’t know, do they? Eggplant can be used to remove freckles. Eggplant skin is a good ingredient for beauty and is rich in vitamins.

Method: wash the eggplant and cut it into slices. Gently wipe the spotted part with eggplant meat, and then replace it with dried eggplant meat until the affected part is red and hot. Stick to it once a day. After a period of persistence, you will find that the spots on your face really fade!

Brown sugar honey Scrub

Mix brown sugar and honey in a ratio of about 3:1, stir them evenly and apply them on the face to promote the melanin metabolism of the skin, then gently massage and rinse them off, and then use the moisturizing water and lotion of Pro run rice series to deeply replenish water and moisturize, with better effect.

Pay attention to daily diet

Eat foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and protein. All kinds of fresh vegetables are rich in vitamin C, which has the effect of removing pigment. The representative vegetables are tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes, cauliflower and so on. Vitamin C in kiwifruit can interfere with the formation of melanin, prevent melanin, and keep skin white. But not all pregnant mothers are suitable. For pregnant women with deficiency of spleen and stomach, kiwifruit should not be eaten more, otherwise it is easy to diarrhea. Eat less greasy, spicy and sticky food, avoid smoking and alcohol, and do not drink too strong coffee.

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