How should I do if my face is dark yellow and spotted? How to deal with dark yellow spots on your face

Spring has come again, and the problem of whitening and freckling of beautiful women has come from the heart. It is not so easy to whiten and freckle. The method of whitening and freckling is very simple, but it is not easy to achieve results. The reason is that we need to adhere to it and pay attention to it, which may be difficult for many people to do. Stop talking nonsense. Let’s take action for the sake of beauty.

I’ll teach you three moves to repel the Yellow faced woman

Wash your face with rice washing water. In addition to the skin care products on the market, some household methods, such as washing your face with secondary rice washing water, first precipitate, and then add water that is about 2 to 3 times clearer. Insist on washing your face every night, and after a week, your delicate skin will slowly return.

Bedtime care. Bedtime care is the best time for skin care, because at night, the skin needs to be sorted out by dormancy, so as a series of measures before bedtime, make a facial mask with cucumbers, take it off 10-15 minutes later, and wash it with clean water. It can last for 1-2 weeks, which has good effects on whitening, hydrating and freckling. Food for internal consumption. In addition to some external help, it is also important to take some orally. Eating more foods that can supplement vitamin C and have whitening effect, such as vegetables, melons and fruits, are the best holy products for natural whitening. Reducing the consumption of fried foods and paying attention to keeping the skin clean will naturally help whitening and freckling.

Homemade freckle Removal Tips

Radish and tomato slices: wash your face, apply skin cream, and then put some tomatoes and radish slices on your face. After 30 minutes, wash your face with cold milk.

Tomato juice: add a spoonful of glycerin to the juice of a tomato. Wash your face with this liquid at least once a day for 10 minutes, and then wash your face clean. After long-term application, the spots will become dim and disappear completely.

Green leaf facial mask: green leaf facial mask is to cut the green leaves of parsley into small pieces, mix them with a cup of yogurt, and leave them for 2-3 hours. Put the paste on your face 2-3 times a day.

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