Seven bad habits make you more and more tired

I need to drink coffee early in the morning to maintain my energy. When I deal with a few small things at work, I feel powerless. When I get home from work, I lie on my bed and don’t want to move… I don’t know when I get up. Fatigue follows us like a shadow all the time. In fact, some bad habits will make you more tired unconsciously. Let’s have a look.

didn’t drink enough water even a slight degree of dehydration (only 2% of normal body fluid is missing) can affect energy levels. Dehydration will make the blood more viscous, reducing the efficiency of the heart to deliver oxygen and nutrients to various tissues and organs.

Suggestion: in order to calculate the normal amount of drinking water, you can convert your weight into pounds (1kg ≈ 2.2 pounds), divide it by 2, and multiply it by 28.35 to get the milliliters of drinking water you need every day.

iron intake is insufficient iron deficiency will affect the flow of oxygen to muscles and cells, resulting in dullness, irritability, weakness and inability to concentrate.

Suggestion: you can eat more lean meat, tofu, eggs, dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, etc. and eat them together with foods rich in vitamin C to increase the absorption. In addition, a slight lack of magnesium may also lead to fatigue. Eat some bananas and potatoes to supplement magnesium every day, which helps to convert protein, fat and sugar into energy sources.

I didn’t eat healthy breakfast eating a good breakfast can stimulate metabolism and make people have enough energy all day long. Not eating breakfast will make people feel lazy.

Suggestion: a rich breakfast should include whole grains, protein, fruits and healthy fats.

I like junk food this will cause the blood sugar level to rise and fall sharply, leading to fatigue.

Suggestion: eat more high fiber foods rich in complex carbohydrates, such as whole grain, whole grain bread and vegetables, which can help maintain blood sugar balance. Eat less greasy food and control the amount of saturated fat in your diet within 10%.

have a drink before going to bed alcohol can reduce blood sugar content, inhibit the central nervous system, produce sedative effect, and eventually disturb sleep. This is because alcohol will cause adrenal gland secretion disorder in the metabolic process, making it easy for drinkers to wake up at night.

Suggestion: do not drink alcohol within 3-4 hours before going to bed.

lie in bed and play with your mobile phone the blue light emitted by the display screens of tablets, smartphones, etc. will inhibit the secretion of melatonin, disrupt the natural physiological rhythm of the human body, and cause fatigue.

Suggestion: switch off at least half an hour before going to bed.

stay up late at weekends this will lead to difficulty in sleeping on Sunday night and getting up on Monday morning.

Suggestion: you should also get up at a fixed time on weekends. If you want to take a nap, do not exceed half an hour, otherwise you will be more tired after waking up.

Knowing these bad habits will help you stay away from fatigue and live a healthy life.

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