Will you suffer from arthritis if you always break your fingers?

Many friends like to break their fingers off with a “click” sound. They think it’s very manly to do this. But will this rude treatment of human joints damage our joints? Some netizens say that breaking fingers will cause arthritis of fingers over time. Is this really the case?

the sound of air bubbles breaking from finger breaking joints

First, let’s understand the structure of joints. The two joint surfaces are surrounded by the joint capsule, forming a sealed cavity, which is the basic structure of our joint. At the same time, there is a small amount of liquid in this cavity, which we call joint synovial fluid. It plays a role of lubrication and buffering in daily joint movements, and is also a medium required for the metabolism of articular cartilage.

at present, there is no research to prove that finger breaking can cause arthritis.

There are two main types of common arthritis, one is related to the abnormality of the immune system, and the other is caused by the degradation and wear of joints. For example, “rheumatoid arthritis”, as we often hear, belongs to the abnormal immune system and is an autoimmune disease. For degenerative osteoarthritis, the repeated injury of cartilage is considered to be one of the causes.

Then, will breaking finger joints aggravate the wear of articular cartilage and cause arthritis? An early study suggested that broken fingers may cause related cartilage damage, which in turn may cause osteoarthritis. However, many subsequent studies have not found any connection between long-term finger breaking joint and osteoarthritis. At present, the academic community generally believes that the argument that “breaking the finger joint causes arthritis” lacks evidence support. Therefore, up to now, we have no evidence to show that it has an exact relationship with the onset of arthritis.

breaking fingers may cause acute injury to ligaments around joints

Although the argument that finger breaking causes arthritis has no basis, can people break their fingers without restraint? The answer is No. If people use too much force, or repeatedly break the finger joints for a long time, it will indeed cause certain damage to the joint ligaments, joint cartilage and joint capsule, such as acute damage to the ligaments around the joints, or dislocation of tendons, and this continuous damage may lead to secondary arthritis, which is manifested as joint pain.

Then, some people break their fingers just because of habit, while others feel comfortable because of it. If you can’t make a sound or feel comfortable breaking your fingers, then in order to avoid damage, change this habit.

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