Why is whitening always ineffective? Why is whitening always ineffective

Secret 1: steam your face with hot air

This face steaming method is very simple. As long as hot water is injected into a high-temperature washbasin, it can be carried out immediately. Put your face close to the steam to help, and steam for about 3-5 minutes. You can also buy face steamers sold in the market, and you can maintain them by adding water and plugging in electricity.

Close your eyes and let the steam in the basin warm your skin.

Secret 2: apply a hot towel to your face

This maintenance secret is very helpful for the relaxation and circulation of the skin. As long as a hot towel is prepared, the maintenance effect can be achieved and the acne can be removed. After hot compress, gently pat and wash your face with water. The effect will be amazing!

Prepare a clean towel and heat it to warm it. Then fold the towel into a long strip about 5cm wide.

Secret 3: use refrigerant

A cryoprotectant used to maintain the freezing degree of beverages is of great benefit to those who want to close their pores! In addition to being used for ordinary maintenance, it can also take the cryoprotectant out with the small refrigerator of ice drinks when you are engaged in outdoor activities. When the temperature outside rises and you feel that the sebum secretion of your skin becomes more and the skin becomes sticky, you can take out a small towel and wrap the cryoprotectant with ice and apply it to your face gently, which can not only help cool your skin, but also prevent the pores from expanding due to high temperature.

You can buy such a small cryoprotectant in the grocery store. With this convenient prop, it can help reduce pores.

Wrap the cryoprotectant in a small towel to avoid excessive stimulation of the cryoprotectant to the skin. After wrapping, it will become a small rectangle.

Gently apply a towel wrapped with cryoprotectant to the skin of the whole face, especially on the cheeks with obvious pores and the T-shaped parts that are easy to shed oil, so that the pores will shrink instantly.

Secret 4: moisturizing essence wet compress

When you feel that the skin on both cheeks becomes dry and tight, or when you often have the problem of floating powder on both cheeks and removing makeup, you need to strengthen the supplement of moisturizing water. In case of an emergency such as a date, you can use this secret to give first aid, so that your skin becomes tender and elastic.

Take out moisturizing makeup water or moisturizing essence, and apply appropriate amount to the cotton pad.

Make sure that the cotton pads are covered with full beauty solution, then tear them into two pieces and apply them to the skin.

After sticking it on both cheeks, wait for about 5 minutes to allow the ingredients to fully penetrate and achieve an emergency moisturizing effect.

Secret 5: complete sunscreen 20 minutes before going out

I seriously spent time on pore tightening maintenance and bought a cheap whitening essence to apply it. It’s not to breed white skin without pores. Therefore, the last key can’t be ignored, that is, the implementation of sunscreen. Once the sun’s ultraviolet rays directly hit the skin for a long time, they will cause spots and aging. It’s necessary to apply sunscreen 15-30 minutes before going out, In order to achieve a complete protective effect when contacting the bright sun, and then cooperate with timely replenishment, so that there is no trace of bright sun to take advantage of.

Take an appropriate amount of sunscreen and evenly apply it to every inch of skin. Carefully apply it to ensure that all small places have been covered with sunscreen.

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