Can eggplant juice really freckle? Can eggplant juice really freckle

Spots on the face are the most unacceptable skin defects for all women. You can remove the spots on your face without buying expensive cosmetics or exercising. You can also fade the spots by satisfying your appetite. At this time, you can use food supplements to fade the spots. This is the best choice. Let’s take a look.

Can eggplant juice remove spots?

Choose a medium-sized eggplant and wash it, then cut it into small pieces and put it into the juicer to extract the juice left in it. After washing your face, take a small amount of eggplant juice and evenly smear it on the places with heavy spots on your face. Persist in using it once a day, and you can see a very obvious effect in about ten days, and the spots will gradually fade.

What does a woman eat for whitening and freckling?

1. Porridge made of Chinese yam and Chinese wolfberry

The main raw materials are: about 100 grams of Japonica rice, a small root of fresh yam, a small handle of Chinese wolfberry, a small spoon of honey, and a little sugar.

Main methods: first, wash the rice for standby, then soak the rice in cold water for an hour, then take it out, drain the water, and then peel the fresh yam, wash it and cut it into small pieces. Temperature of Chinese wolfberry

2. Red jujube and loquat soup

The main raw materials are: Six medium-sized loquats, a small handful of white granulated sugar according to personal taste, and 100g of Japonica rice.

Main methods: after all the loquats are washed, gently remove the outer skin, remove the hard core inside the loquat and wash it. Soak the japonica rice in cold water for about 40 minutes, remove it, and drain the water. Put about 1000 ml of cold water in the pot, put japonica rice and red jujube into the pot and boil them over high fire, then gradually add the prepared loquat, change it to low fire, cook it into a sticky shape, and add white sugar to taste it.

3. Celery beef soup

The main raw materials are: 50 grams of celery, an appropriate amount of ground beef, one egg white, cooking wine, refined salt, starch, stock, and most importantly, about 10 grams of lard.

Wash the prepared celery and cut it into small pieces for standby. Open fire in the pot, put lard on it, stir fry it gently, then put scallion and ginger shreds on it, add the prepared beef powder, and then quickly put cooking wine into it for stir frying. After the stir frying is six times mature, put soup, celery granules, cooking wine and refined salt. After the stir frying is complete, add a little water starch, stir evenly, put the prepared egg white on it, pour egg liquid while frying, and then put it into the soup basin after boiling.

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