Three key 5 minutes to help you sleep well

Do you have insomnia? In fact, one in five people suffers from insomnia, but sleep is really too important for us! Lack of sleep for a long time will not only reduce memory, but also cause obesity. So today I share with you that as long as you make good use of the key five minutes, you can get rid of insomnia and have a good night’s sleep.

According to a survey conducted by the Taiwan Sleep Medicine Association in 2013, the prevalence of chronic insomnia in Taiwan is 19.3%, with an average of 1 in 5 people suffering from insomnia! Unable to sleep has become a new civilization disease of modern people.

Yoshihei sughara is an “occupational therapist” who is currently working on brain recovery in a folk psychiatric hospital. He believes that sleep is the most important concept in brain recovery, so he has embarked on clinical experiments to study various ways to improve sleep quality. It also uses the concept of “body rhythm” to help many enterprises improve the physique of employees, thereby improving centripetal force and work efficiency.

to improve the quality of sleep, yoshihei sugahara teaches you to make good use of 3 5 minutes:

[5 minutes in the morning – the law of sunshine] drives away sleepy insects

After getting up in the morning, look out from the window, let yourself be exposed to light, and reduce the secretion of melatonin to wake up. Read a newspaper, watch TV or turn on the fluorescent lamp in the room by the window.

[5 minutes at noon – debt rule] improve work efficiency in the afternoon

There is a “physiological clock” in the human body that synchronizes with nature day and night, and it has a certain operating law. Yoshihei sughara pointed out that in order to maintain the normal operation of the brain, the brain sleep mechanism will be activated twice a day. The time is about 8 hours and 22 hours after getting up, which coincides with the time after lunch, so it is easy to feel dizzy and sleepy.

Yoshihei sughara suggested that after six hours of waking up, take a five minute rest with your eyes closed, and take a preemptive action before the peak of drowsiness. Not only will it not interfere with the operation of your physiological clock and brain activities, but it will also avoid drowsiness after meals.

Is it easy to feel sleepy in the evening? Yoshihei sughara said that there are two solutions. At the end of work and before going home, lie down on the table and take a nap for 1-5 minutes. Just close your eyes, and it will have a relaxing effect and promote α The wave appears. However, it should be noted that sleeping for more than 30 minutes will cause the same brain waves as sleeping at night, resulting in insomnia at night.

Another method is to “move your body,” simply stretching. After exercise, the body temperature will slowly rise, and gradually drop after one hour. At this time, drowsiness will be induced, and the “sleep pressure” will be increased, so that you can sleep well the next night.

In addition, you can’t sleep at night. Are you used to reading a novel in bed before going to bed? Yoshihei sughara said that because the brain will remember places and actions as a unit, the brain will mistakenly recognize the bed as a place for reading words and language areas, resulting in Duke Zhou’s reluctance to visit. “Don’t bring anything irrelevant to sleep to bed” is the secret to a good night’s sleep.

if you are used to not sleeping well at night, you can try the following 10 ways to get a good night’s sleep

1. Avoid blue light

The blue light emitted by electronic products will inhibit the brain from producing melatonin, which will affect sleep. One hour before bedtime, avoid using these devices, or turn down the brightness of the screen and wear orange glasses to block blue light.

2. Make your brain tired

When you can’t sleep, in addition to counting sheep, try to think of animals that start with each phonetic symbol, and make your brain tired by thinking.

3. Move your bed

People will feel most relaxed when the bed faces the door and is farthest away from the door. It is because through evolution, humans will feel at ease when they can notice the danger ahead of time and still have time to escape.

4. Pretend to yawn

When you look tired, you will really start to feel sleepy. To get to sleep quickly, pretend to yawn one or two times.

5. Eat a root banana

Eat a banana before going to bed. They are rich in carbohydrates and can help relax the body and mind.

6. Have a cup of coffee before lunch break

It takes 20 minutes for caffeine to be fully absorbed. Drink a cup of coffee before lunch break, and caffeine just plays its role after a nap.

7. Listen to this piece of music

“The most relaxing music in the world” is a tune designed from a scientific perspective and specially written to help sleep.

8. Sleep on the right

Research shows that the average person has a smaller heart burden when sleeping on the right side. If you are pregnant, you should sleep on the left side. Try to avoid sleeping on your stomach or lying down.

9. Try to stay awake

Trying to stay awake will actually make you feel more tired. Open your eyes and think about not falling asleep, but you will start to feel sleepy.

10. Wear socks

When people gradually fall asleep, the blood flow to their feet will increase. Warm feet can increase the blood flow speed and help sleep. Next time you can’t sleep, try wearing a pair of socks.

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