Beauty can be really beautiful

According to the US WebMD website, people now pay attention to sleeping “beauty sleep”. “I’m going to sleep my beauty sleep” has become a idiom. Most people think that the time for beauty sleep is from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Indeed, adequate sleep is the most effective and cost-effective maintenance method, “beauty sleep” can really improve beauty.

1. Repair skin faster

Every day, our skin is exposed to dust and ultraviolet rays, and is damaged. The skin becomes dry and lusterless, and worse, the pores become coarse and the skin is no longer delicate. And every night when we enter deep sleep, the skin will begin to heal itself. When you fall asleep, your skin will have a chance to improve. That’s why when we wake up the next morning, we feel refreshed and rosy again.

2. No acne, healthier

Adequate sleep will bring us healthy skin, and insufficient sleep will lead to excessive pressure, acne and blackheads. In a study, experts found that college students often suffer from acne and blackheads due to excessive pressure during the preparation period. Many white-collar workers spend tens of thousands of dollars on skin care products to remove acne, freckles and replenish water… Little do they know that the best “skin care product” is sleep.

3. Remove dark circles under the eyes

Everyone hopes that they can be like the protagonists in fairy tales at the banquet, and their eyes are vivid and shining. When attending a banquet, dark circles under the spotlight are often more obvious. Some people use Concealer cream to cover up dark circles under their eyes, which indirectly hurts their skin. The health care editor teaches you a simple and good way to make your eyes bright without dark circles under your eyes – that is, to ensure adequate sleep.

4. Promote blood circulation

Staying up all night will make your skin look paler or freckle. Good sleep can promote blood circulation, relieve sore parts of the body and muscle stiffness, and relieve the fatigue accumulated throughout the day; Enhance human body function and improve self immunity.

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