It’s better to laugh than to take tonics. It’s more confident to prevent diseases

Everyone laughs from birth. As the saying goes, “a smile makes you young for ten years; a worry makes you white”, but few people know that laughter is actually a good exercise. According to statistics, with every laugh, about 80 muscles from the face to the abdomen participate in sports. Laugh 100 times, which helps promote blood circulation and heart and lung function, and is equivalent to 10 minutes of rowing. Watanabe, a Japanese medical scientist, found in his health survey that most people who live long have psychological advantages over ordinary people, one of which is to laugh often.

So, what are the benefits of laughter to people’s health?

Laughter contributes to beauty and makes skin more elastic through the contraction of facial muscles.

Laughter can strengthen the heart and brain, accelerate the heartbeat, increase the blood flow, enhance the myocardial function, excite the cerebral cortex and enhance the brain function.

Laughter can promote breathing, expand the lungs, deepen and even breathing, and enhance the self-protection effect of cough.

Laughter can prevent diseases, relieve tension, relieve anxiety and pressure, and help treat mental diseases such as depression.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic Su Wen” says: “joy brings Qi and ambition, and glory brings prosperity.” It can be seen that laughter can not only add fun to life, but also have medical effects. The health care effect obtained by smiling every day is far beyond those of ginseng, Astragalus and angelica.

It is worth noting that although in most cases, laughter is an external expression of inner joy, the facial expression of laughter will also affect the mood in turn. If you can keep your smile for a period of time, your mood will really improve and your confidence in facing difficulties will be enhanced. From the perspective of history, “one smile at each other kills one’s gratitude and hatred”. Because of laughter, the enemy has become a friend. It seems that the external smile will not only affect your mood, but also attract people around you. Therefore, sometimes in adversity, “forced smile” is necessary. Laughter is a natural health product. Therefore, in order to live a long and healthy life, we should be content with life and laugh at life.

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