Nothing. Press your legs to keep healthy

Leg pressing is a preparatory action before exercise. Because it is simple and easy, it can also be used as a separate fitness method for people of different ages. Pressing your legs for about 15-30 minutes before morning exercise every day can exercise your legs and waist. If you persist for a long time, you can lift one leg above your head, not to mention splitting. People who often press their legs have very flexible waists and legs, and their physical condition is also very good. When they walk, they walk steadily and lightly. Their bodies do not feel heavy. They are energetic and young.

Because of the daily leg pressing in recent years, the soft tissues of the feet, legs and back of the waist have been significantly elongated, so the tip of the nose can reach the tip of the foot. Walking is easy at ordinary times, and it also has a good auxiliary treatment effect on some chronic low back and leg pain. People who are practicing leg pressing for the first time should pay attention to standing steadily and not exerting too much force to avoid pulling soft tissues.

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