Self made method of milk facial mask freckle removal self made method of milk facial mask freckle removal

Milk is not only nutritious, but also can remove freckles. The effect is quite good. If women use milk to make facial mask for beauty, the effect will be even better. Especially for some women with dark skin with color spots on their faces, if milk is combined with other materials to make facial mask, it can remove freckles and whiten. Let’s introduce some self-made methods of removing spots with milk facial mask.

1: Milk oat facial mask

Preparation: Mix 2 tablespoons of oats with half a cup of milk, cook on a low heat, and then smear it on your face when it is still warm. You are done.

Efficacy: the milk oat facial mask can effectively treat acne, remove freckles and blackheads. You can see the effect by using the oat facial mask for 10 minutes every day.

2: Milk bean curd facial mask

Preparation: break tofu and wrap it in clean gauze, then clean your face with ice milk. After washing your face, rub your face with gauze wrapped with tofu.

Efficacy: the crushed milk tofu facial mask can further clean the facial skin, remove the dirt on the face, make the skin smoother and whiter, and achieve the whitening effect.

3: Milk banana facial mask

Preparation: prepare a half cooked banana, mash it into a mud, mix with a proper amount of milk, mix it into a paste, apply it to your face, keep it for 15-20 minutes, and then wash it with water.

Efficacy: milk banana facial mask can make skin fresh and smooth, remove acne and freckles on the face and fade color spots.

4. Sour milk + Cream

Ingredients: sour milk, cream

Equal parts of sour milk and cream, mix well, apply to the face, keep for 20 minutes, and then wash off with water. This method has an astringent effect. It can eliminate wrinkles on the face skin and lubricate the skin for a long time. It is suitable for middle-aged and old women or pregnant women with more facial wrinkles.

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