Jump out of the four mistakes: whitening is no longer futile; jump out of the four mistakes: whitening is no longer futile

Who doesn’t want to be white again? However, everyone’s skin has very different requirements for whitening. If you just blindly seek whitening and turn your face into a test field in the spirit of “Shennong tries hundreds of herbs”, then be careful that whitening will not destroy your skin!

Myth 1: you can only use whitening products in spring and summer a year. The role of whitening maintenance products is short-lived, and it is impossible to stop using them once and for all. Of course, its whitening effect will stop. Therefore, if you want to really whiten effectively, you should use whitening care products all year round and pay attention to effective sunscreen.

Myth 2: facial cleansers and toners can whiten. Many brands have launched whitening cleansers. Conceptually, they also claim that whitening starts with facial cleansing, but in fact, this is more of a conceptual hype. The time that facial cleanser stays on the skin is so short, and its main function is to clean the skin. Even if whitening ingredients are added to it, it can not function so quickly. Whitening and toning products are the same. Their main function is to balance the pH value of skin. The concentration of whitening products is very few, and the effect is certainly very limited.

Myth 3: the skin is already very white, and there is no need to use whitening products. Not only are people with fair skin, but some people who advocate wheat skin also think that they do not need to use whitening products. In fact, these ideas are the same as those who think that whitening maintenance is to “bleach” the skin. The biggest effect of whitening maintenance is to help the skin block the production of melanin, disperse the existing spots, and make the skin look even and bright. Therefore, even the best whitening products can not eradicate the spots on the face.

Myth 4: no matter how much product ingredients are abused, beauty salons that are not very formal will recommend you to use some quick whitening products. Never do irreparable damage to your skin for the sake of instant beauty. Those harmful ingredients may make your skin white for a short time, but with the passage of time, some color spots and sensitive symptoms will more perplex you, and even cause devastating damage to your skin.

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