Fifteen common mistakes in skin whitening have you been shot? What are the 15 common mistakes in skin whitening

Do you think your usual skin care work is up to standard? So, has the skin improved significantly? I always thought that my skin was strong and oily, but I didn’t expect that redness, acne and other problems were the manifestation of sensitive muscles! At this time, you should pay attention to it. Maybe you have made a skin care taboo. There are 15 skin care mistakes that 99% of people will make. Look at how many you have made.

Myth 1: apply facial mask every day

Analysis: a simple and convenient facial mask like instant noodles can provide short-term quick whitening. Although it concentrates the maintenance essence like chicken soup, it is enough to use it twice a week for salon level skin care because of the limited amount of food the skin can eat. The time is limited to 10-15 minutes. If it is applied for too long, the skin moisture will evaporate, but the skin will become dry.

Correction: twice a week, 10 minutes each time is enough

Myth 2: use only whitening care products instead of sunscreen

Analysis: many mm dislike sunscreen as greasy, so they don’t bother to use sunscreen every day when they go out. Therefore, despite the use of many whitening and maintenance products, their skin continues to be stimulated by the ultraviolet rays of the sun and soon turns black again.

Correction: mm must apply sunscreen half an hour before going out.

Myth 3: blindly inhibiting melanoblasts without exfoliating

Analysis: to whiten, it is not enough to blindly inhibit the productivity of melanoblasts! Because part of the melanin rapidly generated under the stimulation of a large amount of ultraviolet rays, if it cannot be smoothly metabolized and discharged by the skin, will form a “black force” in the cuticle of the epidermis. The latest research found that it should be combined with exfoliation or acid containing compounds.

Correction: exfoliate regularly, once a week.

Myth 4: thinking that full face whitening products can lighten spots

Analysis: most general whitening and care products are designed to suppress melanin melanin distributed throughout the face; However, the spots are accumulated by several melanoblasts, which can only be improved with double effort. The high concentration formula plus exfoliating effect is designed to be small, convenient and accurate, and can only be effective.

Correction: for deep and dense spots, it is necessary to use more effective special products for lightening spots

Myth 5: Crazy use of whitening essence during the day and no maintenance at night

Analysis: for normal skin, a can of whitening essence and lotion is enough to meet the needs of day and night maintenance. However, if the effect is not obvious, it may be necessary to consider whether the skin needs more types of conditioning. Although the ultimate goal is to whiten, when you go out during the day, you need to strengthen moisturizing and anti-oxidation. As for the absence of sunlight at night, you can take advantage of your body’s rest to use restorative whitening products with a higher concentration and a stronger moisturizing feeling, or remove the melanin accumulated during the day. If the budget allows, use more night whitening products, and multi pronged efforts will achieve better results.

Correction: mature or damaged dry skin, night care is more important

Myth 6: indiscriminate use regardless of product ingredients

Analysis: many beauty salons that are not very formal will recommend you to use some quick whitening products. Never do irreparable damage to your skin for the sake of temporary beauty. Those harmful ingredients may make your skin white for a short time, but with the passage of time, some color spots and sensitive symptoms will more perplex you, and even cause devastating damage to your skin.

Correction: when buying whitening products, be sure to recognize the ingredients in the products.

Myth 7: DIY Fruit Acid Whitening

Analysis: many mm heard that fruit acid whitening can remove aging cutin, prevent cutin proliferation from blocking pores, so they used DIY fruit acid to whiten themselves. If the concentration is too strong or applied to allergic and dry skin, it will cause burns, skin inflammation, pigmentation and other side effects.

Correction: Although fruit acid can accelerate the shedding of skin epidermis, it can improve

Myth 8: wash your face with a lotus canopy while taking a bath

Error cause: temperature and water pressure are too high

Always remove makeup and wash your face when you take a shower. Originally, I thought that the water flowing in the lotus canopy head would be cleaner, but I was wrong! Because you should use lukewarm water to wash your face, the temperature of the shower is too high. In addition, the water pressure for directly flushing the face with the lotus canopy head is also too high. You’d better wash your face by splashing water with your hands!

Myth 9: the foam in the hairline is not cleaned after washing the face

Wrong reason: after washing your face, it’s best to look in the mirror to confirm whether there is foam residue, which is one of the reasons for sensitive muscles.

When many people wash their faces, they don’t notice that there is residual foam in their hair. Some people even find that they don’t need water to clean them, but just wipe them with towels. Residual cleaning ingredients may cause skin sensitivity, so after washing your face, you must carefully check whether there is any foam residue. The best way is to wash in a large scale, and it is safer to wet the hairline.

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