What are the two misunderstandings of laser freckle removal? What are the two misunderstandings of laser freckle removal

Whenever color spots appear on the face, the skin always looks so rough and lusterless, and the face is also greatly affected, so many female friends choose laser freckle removal to remove color spots on the face one by one. Most beauty lovers do not know enough about laser freckle removal methods, and even can be said to be blind. Therefore, many female friends often fall into misunderstanding when choosing laser freckle removal. Let’s invite experts from hehe plastic surgery hospital to introduce the two major misunderstandings of laser freckle removal.

Myth 1 of laser freckle removal: only one treatment can completely cure

“Laser freckle removal is not done in one treatment. Generally, laser freckle removal requires about 1 to 5 treatments in clinic, with an interval of about 1-2 months between each two treatments.” According to the dermatologist of the plastic and aesthetic hospital, the frequency of laser freckle removal is mainly related to the following two factors:

1。 According to their own conditions, different skin types and types of color spots, the number of laser treatments is also different. Those with large color spots and dark colors have more treatments.

2。 As for the selection of laser instruments, there are many laser equipment currently used for freckle removal, such as carbon dioxide laser, dot matrix laser, diamond composite laser, etc. different laser equipment will have different treatment times.

Skin experts from the plastic and aesthetic hospital pointed out that laser can indeed play a very good role in the treatment of certain spots, such as freckles and age spots, but freckles are a disease closely related to heredity, so theoretically speaking, there is a possibility of recurrence after treatment; After treatment of senile plaques, some people who seek beauty may relapse; Laser is the most commonly used method for melasma treatment at present. Although it can not guarantee cure, most beauty seekers are still effective.

Misconception 2 of laser freckle removal: pigmentation indicates treatment failure

Pigmentation is a common adverse reaction after laser treatment. Most experts believe that this phenomenon belongs to secondary pigmentation after inflammation, which may be related to individual factors such as excessive sunlight and skin color after treatment. Skin experts from the plastic and aesthetic hospital said that in fact, pigmentation after laser freckle removal is a normal phenomenon. After treatment, try to avoid sunshine. Oral vitamin C and external hydroquinone can alleviate pigmentation, which usually subsides after half a year.

Skin experts from the plastic and aesthetic hospital said that it is the key to completely remove spots by going directly to the source of long spots and purifying melanin from the root. However, because everyone has different factors that produce color spots, the growth cycle of color spots is different, and the skin thickness, pH value, pigment content and other conditions are different, there is no standardized scheme suitable for all color spot patients for color spot treatment, It is suggested that beauty lovers must go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible and treat scientifically and thoroughly according to the cause of disease.

The above are the two main misunderstandings of laser freckle removal introduced by the skin experts of the plastic and aesthetic hospital. I hope to bring more help to our friends after reading it. The majority of female friends must choose a regular and professional hospital when choosing to do laser freckle removal. Only in this way can the effect and safety be well guaranteed, so as to avoid more misunderstandings.

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