What methods can freckle be achieved? What methods can freckle be achieved

After the appearance of spots, many people do not want to see them, and it is more important to take good measures to solve these problems. Especially when choosing freckle removal, there will be many ways to remember clearly and understand comprehensively. It is more important to solve the problem of entering. What method can freckle be achieved? Here are the specific answers.

The principle of photodynamic whitening is to evenly smear the treated part with black mineral oil containing very small carbon powder particles, and then irradiate the skin with a laser of a specific wavelength. The role of carbon powder is to enhance the absorption of laser energy by the skin, so that the laser energy can be expanded several times and reach the deep skin

Photodynamic whitening effect: Photodynamic whitening and freckling can effectively stimulate collagen, rearrange subcutaneous collagen fibers and elastic fibers, and repair skin damaged by ultraviolet rays. After such treatment, it can improve skin blood circulation, accelerate skin metabolism, generally eliminate or dilute facial skin pigment, and also stretch wrinkles. Photodynamic whitening generally requires three treatments in a course of treatment to gradually improve the skin, with an interval of one month.

1. Do microcrystalline grinding to deeply clean the front skin.

2. After applying the toner for 20-30 minutes, ensure that the skin can fully and naturally penetrate and absorb the toner. After the first treatment with long pulse laser, you will feel a little pinched.

3. The second treatment with pulse laser will be more comfortable. Finally, it will take about 1-1.5 hours to cooperate with facial care.

Through the above introduction, we should have our own findings on these methods of freckle removal. Therefore, after taking good measures, we should better understand them, and after knowing and dealing with them, we should treat them in time.

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