How to use foundation makeup to remove spots and Concealer? How to use foundation makeup to remove spots and Concealer? What are the methods

Make up can make female friends look more attractive. So do you know how to use foundation makeup to remove spots and cover defects in daily life?

Skilfully apply and apply makeup to remove spots and concealer. The real skin color is crystal clear. I think it should only exist on the faces of ladies in the boudoir in ancient times. In modern times, no beauty has not been exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are spots and spots on her face. But there is always a way to achieve a flawless face, that is, to skillfully apply base makeup, freckle and concealer.

Step 1: brighten skin tone

1. Take a little BB cream with the middle finger and ring finger, and start with the cheekbones with more spots.

2. Push evenly from the cheekbones to the eyes and face, and push evenly from the middle of the eyebrows to the bridge of the nose.

3. Finally, smear the eyelids with the remaining powder on the finger abdomen, and avoid being thick.

Step 2: preliminary Concealer

1. When using pen makeup concealer, first apply Concealer cream on the part of the face that needs concealer.

2. Press the face with your fingers to enhance the concealer’s fit.

Step 3: partial Concealer

1. When using cream like Concealer products, dip Concealer cream with cotton swab and point it on the defect.

2. Use a cotton swab to open the dots in a circular way from the middle to the outside.

Step 4: powder setting and oil control

1. Choose a light powder containing moisturizing ingredients. Where oil is easy to come out, use a powder puff that can enhance the fitting degree, dip it with pore Concealer honey powder and gently apply it.

2. Use honey brush to gently brush on the face where it is easy to dry.

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