How to remove the four freckle Removal Tips to drive away annoying freckles? How to remove color spots? 4 ways to remove spots to drive away annoying color spots

What mm can’t accept most is that there are numerous small spots on the white and smooth skin. Although it’s not painful and itchy, it’s very stubborn and won’t fade away by itself, so we have to take measures. Today, I’m going to teach you some tips for whitening and freckling to turn spots and drive away annoying spots.

Little trick for removing spots: brown sugar method

Prepare a small spoonful of brown sugar, and then take honey three times more than brown sugar, put it in it, mix it well, stir it evenly, put it aside for 5 minutes, wet your face with warm water, smear the mixture on your face, gently massage, and wash it with warm water after 3 minutes. These two materials can not only nourish the skin, but also eliminate facial toxins and fade color spots.

Spot removing trick: salt spot removing method

Prepare one tablespoon of table salt, six tablespoons of Angelica dahurica powder, three tablespoons of chrysanthemum powder and an appropriate amount of white vinegar. After the four materials are mixed, fully mix and stir them into a paste, apply them to the spots on the face, clean them in 15 minutes, and use them every other day.

Spot removing tips: bean sprout soup

First, boil a pot of water in the pot. After boiling, put in the washed bean sprouts, and wait until the bean sprouts are cooked. The light taste is accompanied by the fragrance of bean sprouts. Drink light soup without adding salt. Eat bean sprouts three times a day for several days. It can moisturize skin and effectively remove facial spots.

Little trick for removing spots: tea skin whitening method

Make a cup of tea before cleaning your face every night. After washing your face, the tea is almost ready, then smear it on your face, gently pat your face to help your skin absorb it, or attach a cotton cloth dipped in tea soup to your face, and then wash it with water. When you wake up the next day, the tan on your face will naturally disappear, which can remove color spots and whiten your skin.

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