11 effective ways to remove freckles 11 effective ways to remove freckles

Causes of black spots:

In fact, there are many reasons for forming black spots, but the most important one is ultraviolet rays. The skin is quite sensitive to ultraviolet rays. Excessive irradiation will cause pigment cells in the basal layer to produce melanin pigment in large quantities in order to protect the body’s skin as much as possible. If the surging melanin can’t be discharged with normal metabolism, it will precipitate and form black spots. In addition, metabolic delay, dry skin, mental stress, and even hormone secretion disorder during pregnancy and childbirth caused by aging are also the reasons for the formation of black spots. In short, there are external and internal factors for the formation of black spots.

Tips for effective freckle removal:

In order to prevent black spots, in addition to maintaining a happy spirit at all times, pay attention to the normal internal organs. As for eliminating the black spots that have formed, in addition to taking more vitamin C, protein and iron, we should also actively take special maintenance measures, such as massage and face dressing, to promote metabolism and accelerate the discharge of melanin.

1。 Prevent pore blockage, keep pores unblocked at any time, and thoroughly massage, apply face and absorb precipitated pigment.

2。 Eat more whitening foods and fruits with high VitC content.

3。 Nutrition supplement, and improve liver function.

4。 Eat foods with high calcium content.

5。 Keep a happy mood and relieve fatigue

6。 Adequate sleep.

7。 Proper maintenance and nursing before and after pregnancy.

8。 Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.

9。 For ultraviolet rays, be sure to do a good job in protecting and concealer, and choose protective and maintenance products that can prevent sun, restore and whiten skin, and improve elastic tissue.

10。 Avoid eating foods and beverages with high pigment content.

11。 Exercise properly to promote blood circulation and metabolism.

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