Five ways to remove freckles to restore flawless skin easily? 5 ways to remove freckles and recover flawless skin easily

Freckles big and small grow on your face, but the most annoying thing for MMS is that they not only block your beautiful appearance, but also make your skin dull and lose luster. So what are the daily tips to remove freckles on your face?

Dimension C and dimension E are complemented

Persistently taking vitamin C can reduce skin melanin, reduce black spots and freckles, and restore fair skin. Vitamin C and vitamin E are more effective in removing freckles when taken together. They both have the functions of antioxidant and endocrine regulation. Take one tablet of vitamin C and one tablet of vitamin E every day. At ordinary times, you should also supplement kiwifruit, red dates, milk, eggs and other foods rich in vitamin C or vitamin E.

Sun protection is very important

Strong ultraviolet light is the main cause of freckles. It makes the latent melanin become active and gradually forms small spots. Therefore, before going out, you must apply sunscreen, prepare a sunshade, or wear a sunshade hat to block the sun’s exposure to your face as much as possible.

Repair after sunburn cannot be ignored

Although we have done sunscreen work, we still need to pay attention to the repair of skin after sunburn. When you go home to repair after sunburn, in addition to applying repair products, you should also supplement moisture to your face properly. It is also good to apply a facial mask.

Dynamic and static. Exercise as soon as you move. Moderate exercise every day can discharge sweat, promote blood circulation, and reduce the deposition of melanin in the skin. Rest immediately, especially keep enough sleep, reduce the burden on the skin and keep the blood circulation smooth.

Vegetable juice freckle removing

Most of the time, spots are the deposition of melanin, and the spots are generally acidic, so to remove spots, you can pat your face with some green vegetable juice after washing your face. The chlorophyll contained in the vegetable juice is absorbed by the skin to make it neutral. Watermelon contains yellow, green and red elements. It is a “complete” nutrient that can make skin white and transparent.

Massage to treat freckles

Massaging acupoints can achieve the purpose of treating freckles. Experts pointed out that massaging the blood sea acupoints on the knees before lunch is conducive to removing freckles on the face. Xuehai point is an important point for generating blood and activating blood to remove silt. Its position is easy to find. Cover the kneecap with the palm of your hand (press the right palm on the left knee and the left palm on the right knee). The five fingers are upward and the palm opens naturally. This point is under the thumb end. The specific method is: rub the blood sea points on both sides for 3 minutes every day. The strength should not be too strong. It is enough to feel the acid swelling at the points. It should be gentle.

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