Is the office printer carcinogenic?

are office printers carcinogenic

The US Environmental Protection Agency warned that ozone emitted by printers and copiers would cause chest pain, cough and throat inflammation. Laser printers also emit ozone, and also generate toner dust, which enters the lungs and blood, increasing the risk of cancer and heart disease. Therefore, it is better to separate a well ventilated printing room.

The printer is one of the essential items for white-collar workers to work, and their rice bowls can not be separated from the printer. However, the printer that ensures their jobs has the potential to cause cancer, which is really a dilemma. Then, what habits can cause cancer in daily office? How can white-collar workers prevent cancer?

there are other potential carcinogens in the office:

1. Normally open the air conditioner without opening the window

According to the World Health Organization, more than 30% of buildings have complained about poor air quality. The design of many office buildings is not conducive to ventilation, which is controlled only by air conditioning. However, the survey shows that most air conditioners, especially central air conditioners, are 100 times dirtier than outdoor air, resulting in an increasing number of bacteria in indoor air. If there is a parking lot under the office building, the situation will be even worse, and car exhaust will hurt the lungs. In addition, buildings more than ten years old are often damp and dark, which is prone to the growth of Aspergillus niger. It can cause coughing, memory loss and even infertility. Scientists and the US Environmental Protection Agency call these phenomena “office syndrome”. Experts suggest that if there is such mold in the office, it should be scrubbed in time and more windows should be opened for ventilation.

2. Turn on the light on a sunny day

If you walk into the office, your eyes will blink more unconsciously, which means that the light inside is more dazzling than the sunshine outside. Excessive lighting will lead to headache, fatigue, anxiety, etc. flashing lights will also induce heart disease and disrupt the sleep cycle. In general, if the weather is clear, there is no need for additional lighting during the day.

3. Do nothing

If you work easily, you will feel happy and have a stable heart rate. However, when you encounter unfinished work, your risk of heart disease will increase. My heart rate needs to change at work. Every few hours, I should give myself a pep talk.

4. Sedentary

Wrong posture may lead to back pain, headache, increased incidence rate of heart disease and cancer. Standing up and exercising every 20 minutes can not only stretch your muscles and bones, but also produce various substances to help metabolize fat and cholesterol.

How do white-collar workers prevent cancer

In view of the fact that white-collar workers, a special group, have high mental pressure and irregular living habits, they are more likely to suffer from cancer than ordinary people.

Cancer prevention is more important than cancer treatment. It is necessary to reduce carcinogenic inducements by changing bad living habits and self decompression.

There is also the need to know more about diseases and make friends with professional doctors, so that problems can be found as soon as possible and solved in time.

If we can’t immediately eliminate these carcinogenic factors around us, then when we find these incentives, we should check them regularly, which is secondary prevention. Because more than half of early cancers have no obvious symptoms. Therefore, for those who have cancer background (hepatitis B infection, cancer patients in their families), it is more important to pay attention to regular examinations, generally ensure that they have a physical examination every six months, find institutions and hospitals with good reputation, and carry out targeted examinations under the guidance of professional doctors.

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