Muffin shoes hurt women’s health

the more uneven the road, the more likely it is to fall when wearing thick soled shoes

The foot is used for walking. The reason why people can walk smoothly is that both feet have a stable “iron triangle”: the fifth bone extension of the heel, big toe and little toe. These three points form a triangle, sense the road information, adjust the gait, and make the pace stable.

But when you wear thick soled shoes, a thick insole is separated from the ground of your heels, and the original three-point load-bearing becomes a whole sole plane load-bearing. As we all know, triangles are the most stable, and the stability of a point deteriorates, and the ability to perceive the road shape also becomes dull. Therefore, once the road is uneven, or when running, people who wear thick soled shoes are more likely to fall than people who wear other shoes, and the “injury” of falling is also more serious than ordinary people.

Many women choose thick soled shoes between thick soled shoes and high heels, because thick soled shoes can increase height and look more stable. In fact, both of them make you “struggle”. In comparison, high heels are more likely to sprain than platform shoes. Because when people wear high-heeled shoes, their toes are stretched downward, and their ankles are unstable, which is easy to twist. However, thick soled shoes also do not rule out this danger.

1. First check whether your feet are “sick”

Standing barefoot on the ground, if three fingers can just put into the arch of the foot, it means that the foot is normal. If the finger can’t be put in or the space is too large, it indicates that there is a problem. At this time, it is recommended to go to the hospital and listen to the doctor’s advice and guidance.

2. Don’t believe in “just wear it”

It is recommended that you buy shoes in the afternoon or evening after your feet are fully active, because your feet will swell in the afternoon, and the size you can buy based on this foot type will be appropriate. When trying on shoes, don’t go barefoot. You should wear shoes on both feet. You must zip up or tie the shoelaces properly, and you can’t be sloppy. Then you stand up and walk to experience the comfort of your feet when walking. You can’t walk two or three steps to finish. You’d better walk 50 steps. If it’s not appropriate at this time, I already have a very obvious feeling. If it doesn’t fit, no matter how beautiful it is, there’s nothing to miss. Don’t be fooled by the salesman’s lie that “it’s OK to wear it.”.

3. High heels should not exceed 4.6cm.

When women buy high-heeled shoes, they should not blindly seek for height. Too high not only makes their feet uncomfortable, but also causes various gynecological diseases.

4. Wear thick soled shoes with a pair of cushions first

Thick soled shoes in summer are cool, breathable and comfortable. Nowadays, the soles of thick soled shoes on the market are made of different materials, and their softness and hardness are also different. From the point of comfort, you can choose a softer and thinner sole. Because if both feet step on it, the soft sole will deform, changing the stress mode of both feet, and reducing various discomfort caused by thick heels. On the contrary, thick and hard soles will aggravate the above injuries.

5. Please remember one rule when choosing shoes

comfortable. Choose the shoes that take the least effort and allow you to walk fastest with the most relaxed gait. Because the modern cement floor has a certain hardness, it is best to choose shoes with moderate thickness (about 2-3cm) and moderate insole hardness. But this is not an absolute standard, because everyone has different foot shapes, such as flat feet or high arched feet. In short, when buying shoes, you must try them on yourself, and choose shoes that are comfortable and fit and make your walking easy.

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