It’s killing my feet! 6 kinds of shoes that hurt your feet most in summer

1. Flip flops – the foot shape is getting ugly

What appears most in summer is all kinds of colorful flip flops. But cold slippers with pinched toes are harmful to people’s health. Because the front of the wearer’s foot lacks force support when walking, the toes naturally clamp the shoes and slowly curl up into claws.

At the same time, because the body’s center of gravity tilts to the front sole of the foot, the arch joint is excessively stressed, which will lead to foot pain and inflammation, and in serious cases, thumb valgus. In addition, when people wear pinch sandals, in order to balance the forward leaning body, the waist naturally tilts back, which will damage the spine over time.

2. 10cm + high heels – the center of gravity shifts, and the spine has problems

It is undeniable that the higher the heels, the more beautiful they are, and the thinner the heels, the more charming they are. But as long as you wear high heels more than 5cm, your body will not adapt. Because the heel is lifted up, the center of gravity will fall on the front sole of the foot, resulting in poor ankle stability and the risk of ankle sprain.

Not only that, it will also affect the knee joint. Because the center of gravity falls in front of it, it is easy for the knee to push back, that is, to stretch too straight. This condition will accelerate the wear and degradation of the joint, causing pain to the knee, and even making it impossible to go down the stairs. In addition, the pelvis will tilt forward, causing the buttocks to tilt upward, the lumbar spine to bend forward excessively, accelerating the compression of the lumbar joints and the shortening of the length of the back muscles, and the relaxation of the lower abdominal muscles, resulting in backache and backache.

3. Dongdong shoes – wearing beriberi

In essence, Dongdong shoes are plastic shoes. However, due to the structure and material of Dongdong shoes, it is easy to accumulate water, and the moisture is not easy to be absorbed and volatilized by the shoes. The holes on them can only help the upper of the feet breathe, but the soles that need ventilation and dryness most can not be protected. In summer, people’s feet are prone to perspiration. With the evaporation of sweat, Dongdong shoes will stick upside down on the feet. Wearing them often will lead to damp and warm feet, provide a hotbed for fungi, and may lead to skin diseases such as beriberi.

In addition, although Dongdong shoes are not afraid of water, they are easy to slip on rainy days, especially those cheap products, whose soles are easy to grind flat and have poor anti-skid effect.

4. Leggings and high-heeled sandals – strangle your feet

Summer is coming, and many women have begun to plan to buy long skirts, but what shoes should be matched with long skirts? Strap sandals are elegant, aren’t they? However, strappy sandals are indeed the most attractive shoes to wear. When you think about tying the belt, in order to prevent the belt from slipping down, it is likely to tie the calf tightly, and the blood flow is not smooth during the travel. As a result, you’ll know why I’ve pulled my legs out one by one.

5. Pointed leather shoes – “torture” of toes

The retro style is coming again! Long skirts, pointed shoes, rivets… Are the same fashion. Pointed leather shoes have a shaping effect on the toes, which makes the toe tips gather together and easily form thumb valgus. The space at the toe of the shoe is small, and the air circulation is difficult, which is easy to cause the breeding of bacteria.

Pointed leather shoes can compress the front half of the foot and easily cause poor blood flow. In the long run, it is difficult for the blood to supply nutrients, heat and oxygen to the toe, and it is easy to cause foot deformities. The front end of the pointed leather shoes is hard and thin, and the toes are severely squeezed, which is easy to induce ingrown toenails and corns.

6. Ultra thin flat shoes – the pressure on the sole plate

“It’s unhealthy to wear high heels, so choose flat shoes.” Many people think that they can wear shoes healthily in this way, but they are really wrong. Shoes should not be too high, nor too flat and thin. When a person walks, the impact force of his feet following the ground can go along the leg bones and spine to the head.

When the heel is too low, as much as 60% of the weight of the whole body will be pressed on the heel at the moment the foot lands on the ground. If you go too far, the upward momentum will cause pain in the ankle, knee, hip joint and waist. Wearing flat shoes for a long time will also accelerate the degeneration of plantar ligaments and bone tissues, causing heel pain.

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