Be careful of whitening: three kinds of heavy metals damage the skin; be careful of whitening: three kinds of heavy metals harm the skin

How do I know if I have skin heavy metal poisoning?


If your skin meets the following conditions, it may be that there are too many hormones or heavy metals left.

1. I have used ointment or special skin care products to treat acne, and anti allergy or whitening cosmetics. After use, I felt that my skin condition had greatly improved, so I used it for more than a few months.

2. The skin is very uncomfortable after stopping the use of acne removing or whitening products, and there will be sudden redness, swelling, itching and allergy after using other products.

3. The skin is dull and lusterless, dark yellow, even gray and black, the skin becomes thin, obvious red blood appears, and the skin is easy to be allergic.

Since heavy losses are harmful to the skin, why add this ingredient to cosmetics?

Some metals contained in cosmetics are deliberately added to achieve certain specific effects. If mercury is added, it can play a whitening effect, because Mercury compounds will destroy the activities of enzymes in the epidermal layer, so that melanin cannot be formed. Lead oxide has a certain covering effect and can also be used for whitening. In addition, some are due to the impure ingredients of production raw materials, which leave undesirable metal components in cosmetics. If cosmetics added with mercury and lead are used for a long time, it will cause great harm to human body. Therefore, they are allowed to exist in cosmetics, but within a certain range.

For metals, we should know ourselves

Mercury injury path: whitening cosmetics

All women want to make themselves whiter, so they will naturally come into contact with mercury in cosmetics, because Mercury can reduce the production of melanin in the skin. These advantages make it widely included in cosmetics. Although mercury can achieve whitening in a short time, long-term use will cause contact dermatitis, erythematous papules, and may melt into a piece, or even form blisters, which will deepen the facial pigment after treatment.

Tips: when shopping, you should see the package clearly. According to the regulations of the Ministry of health. freckle removing. Sunscreen and other special-purpose cosmetic products should have the words “special character of sanitary makeup” on the package, and this approval document needs to be reviewed every four years. The number in parentheses following the “Weizhuang special word” is the year of review, and the time from purchase shall not exceed 4 years. In addition, the use time should be controlled within 2 to 3 weeks.

Tips: mix an appropriate amount of skin care products with soda ash and other soda ash. After a few minutes to more than ten minutes, if it turns gray black, it can be preliminarily determined that it contains mercury. The deeper the discoloration, the higher the content of mercury or a mercury compound.

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