Three traps for women’s whitening and skin care? Three misunderstandings of female whitening and skin care

In recent years, because the sun may cause skin cancer, skin aging, freckles, dark spots, and so on, Western women are afraid to expose themselves to the sun. Whitening and moisturizing have gradually become the same aesthetic standard. Whitening and moisturizing should conform to nature. The pigment content contained in everyone’s skin is determined by heredity. Whitening and moisturizing products just keep your existing skin tone and make it more transparent and younger. However, many people in life have many misunderstandings in skin care and whitening.

Three pitfalls for women’s whitening and skin care

Whitening myth 1: Crazy abuse of whitening and freckle removing products

Regardless of their skin quality, many beautiful women blindly try all kinds of products that boast that they can whiten and remove freckles. They have tried countless whitening and skin care products but failed to improve, and the result can only add countless troubles to their skin. In fact, whitening should follow an individualized plan, and different skin should choose whitening and freckle removing products with different ingredients and effects according to the right medicine.

What you need to pay attention to: oily skin beauties should choose whitening products with cream condensation texture; Mm with dry skin can choose whitening skin care products with moisturizing ingredients; Mm with sensitive skin should pay more attention to it. Try to choose whitening products that are free of fragrance, preservatives and other additives and have no irritation to the skin. Never make your skin more sensitive and fragile if you can’t whiten.

Whitening Myth 2: indiscriminate use regardless of product ingredients

Many beauty salons that are not very formal will recommend you to use some quick whitening products. Never do irreparable damage to your skin for the sake of instant beauty. Those harmful ingredients may make your skin white for a short time, but with the passage of time, some color spots and sensitive symptoms will more perplex you, and even cause devastating damage to your skin.

What you need to pay attention to: those products that claim to be able to whiten and remove freckles quickly usually contain glucocorticoids, which will make your skin white and tender in a short time. However, over time, acne spots caused by pigmentation will definitely make you regret it. When choosing products, you must ensure that the channels are regular. When you go to a beauty salon, you must also go to a regular beauty salon with certain qualifications.

The third mistake of whitening: excessive pursuit of whitening regardless of sun protection

If you blindly pursue white and tender skin and ignore other skin care points, such as sunscreen and moisturizing, so that freckles and color spots can take advantage of, your skin will not be perfect. Therefore, in addition to whitening, you need to know more about the ingredients and characteristics of the product in order to suit the remedy to the case and whiten wisely.

What you need to pay attention to: most melanin is caused by ultraviolet rays in the sun. If you don’t develop the habit of wearing sunscreen, even how many whitening products you apply will not help. However, it is also forbidden to wear sunscreen with a high coefficient. The higher the SPF degree, the easier it is to block pores. Sunscreen with a high coefficient, such as spf50pa + + + is only suitable for exposure to the sun and long-term outdoor use.

Different ages have different skin care points

Whitening and skin care methods for different ages. The so-called “three Qi” are black Qi – spots, yellow Qi – dark yellow, and red Qi – red. The appearance of “three Qi” often changes according to age, so pay attention to age-specific actions when whitening, so that the right medicine can be applied!

20-year-old young muscle trouble: red gas, yellow gas

Young skin is often prone to neglect protection, resulting in skin tanning, sunburn, dullness and other problems. In addition, many young people tend to have flushed cheeks, so the requirements of skin whitening at the age of 20 are often based on moisturizing and calming.

30-year-old light mature muscle trouble: yellow gas, black gas

Light mature muscles often have dark skin, acne marks, and even gradually find some spots due to staying up late, pressure, facing computer problems for a long time, irregular biological clock, endocrine problems, etc. at this time, the focus of whitening is often on products such as freckle removal and yellow gas removal. It is also time to use some whitening essence to target the “hardest hit areas”.

40 year old mature muscle trouble: black gas, yellow gas, red gas

With the growth of age, the redness will become heavier and heavier, which is also one of the behind the scenes reasons why the face looks darker with the growth of age. In addition, spots are also one of the most troublesome skin problems at this age. In choosing products, we need more “awesome” multi effect products and intensive repair products than light mature muscles.

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