How to buy quality mosquito nets for mosquito control?

In summer, mosquito bites are a problem. Using traditional mosquito repellent incense or insecticides and other chemicals will always affect your health.

Traditional mosquito nets need nails to hang, and no one wants more holes in a well decorated house. Therefore, the new mosquito net with bracket has become the best choice.

At present, the most common mosquito nets in the market mainly include square top, four sided arc type and dome type (also known as yurt type).

Compared with the round roof mosquito net, the square roof mosquito net and the quadrangular arc mosquito net have more space and will not have a sense of depression. Generally, the square top and four side arc type are three door, with a zipper in the middle, which can be opened to watch TV without blocking the line of sight. Generally, the dome mosquito net has two doors, which makes it inconvenient to watch TV.

Installation: many buyers worry about installation when they buy mosquito nets. I’m afraid it’s too difficult to install. In fact, this concern is superfluous. The new mosquito nets have taken this problem into consideration when designing, and installation is very convenient. Generally, there is no need for guidance, and the installation can be completed in a few minutes.

Price: the price of square top mosquito nets and quadrangle arc mosquito nets is a bit higher than that of round top mosquito nets, and the price advantage of round top mosquito nets is still very obvious. Generally, the dome type mosquito net is 40-50 yuan lower than the top type mosquito net and the quadrangle arc type mosquito net.

Size problem: when choosing a mosquito net, you must know how wide your bed is. Generally, it is 1.0m * 2.0m, 1.2m * 2.0m, 1.5m * 2.0m, 1.8m * 2.0m. The price of mosquito nets with different sizes is also different.

The height of the mosquito net is generally about 1.4-1.6 meters. If the room height is relatively low or the ceiling has been made, you must pay attention to asking the height of the mosquito net when you buy it, so as not to be inappropriate after you buy it. Generally, the square roof mosquito net and the quadrangular arc mosquito net will be higher, and the dome will be lower

product selection skills

1) Simple mosquito net: cloth holes are sewn on both sides, and bamboo poles can be passed through the cloth holes to support the mosquito net. Four corners of the net top are tied with ropes, which can be fixed and convenient for use.

2) Mosquito net with bracket:

a. Stainless steel bracket: the lapel is firm, hard, glossy, not bent, not deformed, with good balance and extensibility. The fan can be hung in the middle without rust. It is easy to install and durable.

b. Light carbon fiber bracket: firm and tough, foldable. The surface of the interface ring at the fold is chrome plated, never rusting, and convenient to carry and collect.

3) Mosquito net design, single door and double door, bed side and bed end open door, the curtain door has double-layer lace decoration.

4) The installation is flexible and convenient, and the installation method can be determined according to the placement position of the bed (that is, the mosquito net bracket can be installed on the side of the bed or the head of the bed, or on the wall at the head of the bed).

Quality (material) identification

If it is a cotton yarn mosquito net, it will have poor permeability and become yellow the more it is used. If it is an ordinary polyester yarn, it will feel hard and absorb heat strongly, and people will feel stuffy when they use it. Appearance inspection mainly checks the surface defects and the dimensional tolerance of finished products. There are certificates and instructions, clear installation diagrams, supports with codes, and installation instructions.

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