Use mosquito repellent incense correctly in summer to reduce toxin

At present, there are not a few people who use mosquito repellent incense. At present, there is no mosquito repellent incense that is non-toxic to people. The insecticide in mosquito repellent incense has not only acute toxicity, but also chronic toxicity. Some of the effects of mosquito repellent incense on the human body can only be revealed after a long time. Experts remind that to use mosquito repellent incense to prevent mosquitoes, you should first close the doors and windows and then light the mosquito repellent incense. People should leave immediately and come back in an hour or two. After opening the doors and windows and fully ventilating, they can enter the room.

feel free to use mosquito repellent incense to effectively prevent “poison” in life details

In summer, mosquito repellent incense should be used in moderation and as little as possible; Minimize contact with mosquito repellent incense, such as not staying in the room where mosquito repellent incense is lit or entering after sufficient ventilation and exhaust;

Because the brain development of infants and young children is not perfect, it is better not to use mosquito repellent incense and other insecticides if there are infants and young children at home;

Mosquito repellent incense has great toxic side effects on goldfish. Do not use mosquito repellent incense next to goldfish tanks;

Wash your hands after using mosquito repellent incense.

tips for choosing mosquito repellent incense

When choosing to buy mosquito repellent incense, the first choice is to use plant pyrethrum (flower) as the insecticidal ingredient, followed by pyrethrum, deltamethrin, permethrin vinegar and other chemical insecticides containing pyrethrum

Definition and interpretation: mosquito repellent incense (including mosquito killing tablets) is mainly made of insecticides, fuels and combustion promoters. After the mosquito repellent incense is ignited or heated, the insecticidal components in it will volatilize, smother and poison the mosquitoes, so as to achieve the desired control purpose.

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