Essential whitening and freckle removing methods for beauty lovers

For beauty lovers, they must not allow spots on their faces. Color spots will make the originally beautiful and healthy skin unhealthy and beautiful. What should we do when this happens? Let’s learn four ways to whiten and remove freckles, so that you can be a white, tender and flawless beauty.

1. Actively apply with whitening essence

For: slightly shallow or small number of spots.

If your spots belong to superficial spots, such as sunburn and pigmentation after inflammation, since most of the melanin in these spots is concentrated in the skin epidermis, you can use light spot maintenance products to remove the melanin. By actively applying whitening essence, you can basically remove these small spots and indistinct spots, or make their color lighter and their area smaller.

2. Massage

For: color spots around the eye

The color spots around the eye circles are cyan, which is mainly caused by excessive eye use and poor sleep quality. Moreover, the skin around the eyes is fragile, and spots can easily take root around the eyes after exposure to the sun, aging and other reasons. At this time, it is recommended to use eye cream together with professional massage techniques, so as to better dilute

3. Whitening and freckle removing essence can quickly metabolize and peel off spots

Targeting: melanin is aggregated and unevenly distributed, and it looks like a piece.

With the growth of age, the elasticity of the basement membrane becomes worse, and some melanins that cannot be metabolized get trapped, which will form deep-rooted “ten thousand year spots”. At this time, if you want to remove spots, you must first smash the melanin colonies and then let them metabolize out as soon as possible, and the whitening and freckle removing essence can do this.

4. Use anti-aging, whitening and freckle removing products with multiple effects

For: due to obvious spots such as aging, more and more spots appear.

As the skin has begun to age, the spots on the face will become more and more obvious. At this time, it is best to add an anti-aging formula to the selected product, which can stimulate the regeneration of elastic fibers and dilute fine lines while inhibiting melanin. The multi effect repair products can slow down cell aging, promote collagen production, reduce collagen loss and oxidative deterioration.

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