Can rose essential oil whiten, moisturize and relieve pressure? Can rose essential oil whiten and moisturize

1、 Efficacy of rose essential oil

1. Rose essential oil has antibacterial, antispasmodic, bactericidal, aphrodisiac, purifying, calming, tonic and other effects. It is suitable for all skin types, such as mature, dry or sensitive, and any sensitive, red, swollen and inflamed skin.

2. Rose essential oil can prevent infectious diseases, treat skin, regulate endocrine, and promote human physiological and psychological activities.

3. After its natural fragrance enters the human body through the olfactory nerve, it can make people feel comfortable, happy and comfortable, and relieve anxiety, depression and pressure.

4. Help sleep, promote metabolism, cell regeneration and blood circulation, and make human body healthy, beautiful and life better.

2、 Beauty effect of rose essential oil

1. Whitening and moisturizing

Rose essential oil can whiten skin, fade spots and fine lines, and nourish skin tenderly. Dilute rose essential oil with distilled water at 1:30, and use it as a moisturizing spray in a dry environment such as the office. The effect is very good.

When using rose essential oil, we should spray a small amount of pure dew on the face with cleanser, tap with fingers to absorb it, apply two drops of rose essential oil to the face, and massage with fingers for 10 minutes until it is completely absorbed.

2. Skin care

When washing your face every morning, drop a drop of rose essential oil into warm water and apply it to your face with a towel, which can delay aging, improve dryness and water shortage, and keep your skin healthy and bright.

3. Skin massage

Apply 3 drops of Su Mei Tianzi rose essential oil + 1 drop of lavender essential oil + 1 drop of Frankincense Essential Oil + 5 ml of rose hip oil to the face skin once or twice a week, which can make the skin moist, soft, young and energetic.

4. Fade fine lines

2 drops of rose + 2 drops of Geranium + 2 drops of clove + 10ml base oil (available for face and eyes) this is very helpful to fade fine lines.

5. Improve red blood

2 drops of rose + 2 drops of cypress + 2 drops of German Chamomile + 10ml base oil.

6. Fade dark circles under the eyes

2 drops of rose + 2 drops of cypress + 2 drops of German Chamomile + 10ml base oil.

7. Comprehensive skin care

Essential oil can penetrate into the deep layer of skin through aromatherapy, deliver oxygen, moisture and nutrition to cells through blood, strongly activate cells, improve skin condition as a whole, regenerate and repair skin, and block and solve many problems of female face such as dullness, roughness, wrinkles, color spots, relaxation and acne from the source.

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