Top master’s magic weapon for whitening and skin care; top master’s magic weapon for whitening and rejuvenation

The winning method of No.1 spray moisturizing is to spray water on your face desperately. A bottle of spray can see the bottom in a few days. Can it replace moisturizing cream to maintain skin moisture? Of course, it is No. spray can only alleviate dryness and keep moisture in a short time. Especially in the daytime, water evaporates faster. How can a spray without water locking function stand the sunshine? Lotion and moisturizing cream are the king of moisturizing. Spray can be used occasionally for emergency! No.2 whitening eye cream gently rub the eye cream on the eyes and only pat it. The skin around the eyes is too fragile. Even if it is only lightly rubbed, it will hurt it. That’s how the fine lines at the corners of the eyes come out! No.3 sunscreen is not used for whitening? Nowadays, “black beauty” has become a trend. Instead of spending money to beautify black, it is better to “run naked” in the sun! If you do this, you’ll be sunburned! If you want to tan into wheat skin, you may as well choose some sunscreen with color to apply. Compared with preventing skin sunburn, whitening is only a small functional backup option of sunscreen. No.4 Whitening Facial Mask: the facial mask that can whiten your skin is more or less irritating when applied every day. The most common component is fruit acid, which has the function of exfoliating. It doesn’t matter whether the whitening effect is great or not, even my skin can’t stand it. Therefore, facial mask is mainly used to replenish water, and the whitening and moisturizing facial mask can be used together with the conditioner to solve the problem.

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