Hand moisturizing and whitening care steps [figure] what are the procedures for hand moisturizing and whitening care

Hand care in autumn

“In autumn, the skin after sunburn is relatively dry. Hand whitening and moisturizing care can replenish moisture for the skin, and the skin will appear whiter after replenishing moisture. In addition to hands, feet can also be whitened and moisturized to prevent dryness and cracking. If you are just starting to do hand care, it is more appropriate to do it once a week. After a period of time, if the dryness of hand skin has significantly improved, you can change it to twice a week Times. “

[nursing steps]

(1) cleaning

Immerse your hands in sterile water for 3 to 4 minutes.

(2) exfoliation

Apply scrub to both hands to remove dead skin.

(3) massage

Fully massage the skin with massage cream.

(4) essential oil

This is an essential oil for both hands, which helps to absorb nutrients.

5 hand mask

1. Apply a hand mask to both hands, which has a deep moisturizing and whitening effect.

2. Cover the elbow with cling film to prevent the loss of water and nutrients.

3. Heat with professional heating gloves for 20 minutes to make the skin absorb nutrients better.

6 moisturizing cream

Apply moisturizing cream on both hands to keep them moist after care.

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