How to take care of the skin of pregnant women? How to regulate the spots on the face of pregnant women

Skin care for pregnant women has brought a series of changes in their identities and hearts after the birth of their babies, but what remains unchanged is women’s love of beauty. While busy with things such as confinement, breastfeeding and baby care, mothers should not neglect skin care – the three basic steps of cleaning, moisturizing and sunscreen should be done well.

First, pay attention to personal cleaning

Many pregnant women say that they can’t take a bath or wash their hair after confinement, but this is completely unnecessary. When the wound healing is good and the body cleaning is allowed, the skin cleaning should be done well, otherwise it is easy to cause skin infection and folliculitis. If you don’t wash your hair, you may have seborrheic dermatitis and other problems.

Secondly, we should pay attention to moisturizing the skin

Postpartum endocrine changes greatly, which will cause damage to the skin barrier function, and the skin is prone to dryness. Moisturizing is one of the means to restore the skin barrier function. Considering the impact of lactation on children, experts suggest choosing moisturizing skin care products with natural ingredients, simple ingredients and mild properties. In addition, mothers will generally have skin problems such as pregnancy spots after childbirth, and exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet radiation will aggravate the original color spots. We must pay attention to sunscreen after childbirth.

Finally, recommend safe and effective skin care tips

The skin problem that mothers most want to “eliminate and then quickly” is pregnancy spots (including chloasma, butterfly spots or pigmentation). However, after having a baby, the pressure of family and work often makes new mothers in bad mood. Over time, melasma will become more serious. To recover the flawless prenatal skin, new mothers need to adhere to internal and external conditioning for a long time.

1. Don’t be anxious, irritable or melancholy, keep a calm mind and good mood.

2. Get enough sleep every day.

3. Choose appropriate skin care products. Cosmetics with natural ingredients and traditional Chinese medicine; Avoid the sun, and choose sunscreens with different SPF (sun protection factor) according to different seasons.

4. Pay attention to your diet. Eat more foods containing vitamin C, vitamin E and protein, such as tomatoes, lemons, fresh dates, sesame, walnuts, job’s tears, peanut, lean meat, Lu, etc., which can inhibit the transformation of metabolic wastes into colored substances and reduce the production of melanin. Eat less greasy, spicy and sticky food, avoid smoking and alcohol, and do not drink too strong coffee.

In addition to self freckle removal, pregnant mothers are advised to follow the doctor’s advice and cooperate with doctors to carry out scientific and effective freckle removal treatment. After giving birth to a child, they can choose targeted freckle removal projects, external treatment and internal adjustment, balance endocrine disorders, promote body metabolism, healthy detoxification, and restore bright and white skin.

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