What is the fast whitening method for black faced brides before marriage

Lily and job’s tears whitening formula:

Skin beautifying effect: originally, the seller said that it would take two months to get the effect. Be patient, but within a month, people often asked me what good skin care products I used. I was so happy to hear that.

Simple secret recipe: Boil Lily and job’s tears in sugar water, which is very effective. My skin color is very good now. I think it is mostly due to this sugar water.

Cost price: Lily and job’s tears are very common and cheap things. You can buy them in the vegetable market or supermarket. Job’s tears cost us 3 yuan per catty. I use dried lilies for lilies. Each time I spend 5 yuan, I can eat them for two to three weeks.

Daily dosage: I boil a large pot of this sugar water and freeze it in the refrigerator every time. When I want to eat it, I can take it out and heat it up. It is recommended to eat it once a day, but after I get the effect, I change it to one in the morning and evening. The effect is better, whitening and moisturizing.

How to do it: the amount of Lily and job’s tears is two large catches of job’s tears, one small catch of Lily and one large pot of water. When the job’s tears are soft, they can be boiled out of the pot.

Tomato whitening and moisturizing

Materials: 1 tomato (medium), 2 tsp milk powder and 2 tsp honey.

Easy DIY:

1. Mash the cooked red tomatoes with a tablespoon.

2. Then add the milk powder and honey into the mashed tomato paste and stir evenly to form a paste.

3. After washing your face, evenly apply it on the face, then apply a little thick on the T-shaped part and massage it slightly. After 10 minutes, clean it with warm water. (warm tip: after applying it to your face, cover it with a wet hot towel or a commercially available paper facial mask to help you absorb it more!)

Skin beautifying effect: This tomato skin cleansing and oil removing facial mask has a very good effect of balancing oil, cleaning, whitening and calming. It is very suitable for oily beauties! Because there are many useless horniness on the face, it can be removed when applying it. With the nourishment of lycopene and milk powder, the skin can be soft and elastic.

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