How many methods can effectively whiten and refuse to be a yellow faced woman? I’ll teach you a few effective whitening tips. Don’t be a yellow faced woman

Don’t worry, your skin has become black and yellow after summer! Winter is a good time to whiten your skin. Let’s share how to care for and whiten your dark yellow skin. Four tips to say goodbye to the “black faced woman” and the “yellow faced woman”. Let’s have a look!

No.1 strong makeup remover can whiten

How many girls do not go out without makeup? Then, make-up removal should be done well, because if the makeup is left on the face every day, it will cause bad results such as dull skin, and cleaning can better whiten the skin, so the first move to whitening is to remove makeup cleanly.

No.2 often drinking grape seeds can whiten

Grape seed is the wine material of wineries, but it is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, with whitening and health effects. If girls want to whiten, they should drink a packet every night, about 30-37 degrees of water or milk, and the rest of the water is used to soak facial mask paper, which has an increasing whitening effect.

No.3 milk almond Coix powder whitening

Prepare milk, almond powder and job’s tears powder, and then take a spoonful of each one in the morning and evening every day. Soak it in the milk and drink it directly. It is recommended that the milk be heated for brewing, otherwise it will agglomerate. These three foods all have whitening effects. After drinking for a long time, your skin will not only be white, but also look very moist.

No.4 seven whitening formula whitening

What you need are Atractylodes macrocephala, Angelica dahurica, Bletilla Bletilla, cayratiatia japonica, Paeonia alba, white Poria cocos and white stiff silkworm. Then you can mix all these seven things into powder and milk, add an appropriate amount of pearl powder, stir them evenly to prepare a facial mask, and apply them directly on your face. Remember that Angelica dahurica is a photosensitive drug. When making facial mask, avoid light or ultraviolet rays.

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