The correct way to control oil is to control oil before removing acne!? The correct way to control oil is to control oil before removing acne

Many beauties have oil and pimples on their skin. Pimples and oil are the pain in many beauties’ hearts, but we often use the wrong method to make pimples and oil constantly appear on our faces! What effective methods can achieve the effect of oil control? Let’s take a look at how to control oil and acne!

If you want to achieve oil control, how should you take care of it daily?

Hydration + sunscreen, twice the result with half the effort

Oil control is not just about absorbing the oil. Excessive use of oil absorbing paper will not only hurt the skin, but also make the skin “think” dry and secrete more oil to protect itself. The correct way is to do a complete moisturizing job for the skin. In addition to the moisturizing steps after washing your face every morning, you can always bring a bottle of moisturizing spray. After spraying the spray, pat the face with both hands to make the moisture penetrate into the skin rather than stay on the surface. In addition, don’t stop wearing sunscreen because it’s too oily. If the skin is directly exposed to the sun, it will lose water, which will lead to more severe secretion of oil. It is recommended to choose light and thin sunscreen products to block the invasion of ultraviolet rays for yourself, and keeping skin moist is the best way to control oil.

Wash your face with warm water and exfoliate regularly

Dust, sunlight and exhaust gas in daily life will cause various dirt to adhere to the skin. It will mix with the oil and waste horniness secreted by the skin itself and accumulate. Over time, these dirt mixtures will firmly occupy your pores like nails! They become acne, shut up or blackheads to ask you to “look good”. Therefore, to remove these “nail households”, the most important thing is to keep the skin clean. When cleaning the face, rub the facial cleanser into foam and then apply it to the face. After gentle massage, wash it with water. Don’t wipe your face vigorously with a towel, but absorb the moisture with gentle pressure. Exfoliate regularly every week (it is not appropriate to exfoliate when the acne is inflamed). After exfoliation, replenish water for the skin in time and maintain the balance of water and oil to reduce the oil secretion of the skin.

How to control oil and acne? Let’s have a look together!

1. Add fire reducing ingredients

When we replenish water internally, we should also pay attention to adding ingredients that can clear heat and reduce fire, such as honeysuckle, mint and so on. Because many people will have too much oil in summer, or face acne, which is also related to internal fire in the body, so we should remove the internal fire in the body, so as to reduce the occurrence of this situation.

2. Prepare water spray

In fact, external hydration is also very important. This is mainly because in summer, the skin sweats more, so there will be a lack of water in the skin. If we replenish water from the outside in our daily life, we can improve this situation very well. The external water replenishment method is very simple. You only need to prepare a bottle of spray around you, and you can spray a little every other time.

3. Precautions for use of spray

After spraying the water of the spray on your face, if there is residual water on your face, you should take a paper towel to wipe it off, and you must not be reluctant to wipe it off, because the water that stays on your face will take away the water existing in your skin, which will not replenish water.

4. Clean

The oil attached to the skin has a certain viscosity. If we don’t pay attention to removing it in daily life, it will make the facial oil become more and more, and also cause the cuticle to thicken. Therefore, everyone must clean their faces after returning home every night. In this way, the oil remaining in pores can be removed very well, and pores can be opened effectively. In this way, when you apply some moisturizing lotion in the later period, it will be more conducive to skin absorption.

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