How many methods can double the whitening effect in early summer? I’ll teach you a few tricks to double the whitening effect in early summer

Oriental women generally pursue a fair skin color. “One white covers three ugly” is deeply rooted in our concept. Especially in summer, whitening is a topic of concern to everyone. Change some small habits or use medical beauty to whiten, and the effect will be better.

Daily habits:

1. Wash your face with towel: the biggest obstacle to the absorption of maintenance products is cuticle. Just as it is true that cleaning your home every day is cleaner than sweeping it for a long time, when you wash your face and flush foam, you can use a towel to splash water to wipe it, so as to remove old and waste horniness.

2. Makeup water: people who have the habit of using makeup water can choose products containing exfoliating enzymes and organic acids, which can help melanin metabolize upward to the stratum corneum and make preparations for whitening.

3. Face dressing after sunburn: the whitening facial mask containing exfoliating ingredients is suitable for the evening. After applying, wipe it clean without washing your face, so that the exfoliating ingredients can have a lasting effect. Just after the sun, you can also apply it to your face, but in addition to whitening ingredients, it also contains sedative and antioxidant ingredients to avoid inflammation and accelerate the formation of melanin.

4. Sunscreen: people without sunscreen habits can hardly turn white even if they are soaked in whitening care products. The basic factor should be at least SPF15, but to achieve the sunscreen effect indicated by the factor, a large toothpaste tube of about 2cm is required for a single face, which is difficult for ordinary people to achieve. Therefore, the factor should be further strengthened.

Whitening with external force:

1. Whitening maintenance products are effective only if they are used continuously

In general, the whitening action of skin care products such as rubbing or facial mask is mainly to inhibit tyramine activity to reduce melanin production. The product must be used continuously, which is the mildest whitening method with slow effect.

matters needing attention:

a. When shopping for products, the label should be clear. If you buy levorotatory vitamin C, you’d better buy a dark bottle package, and use it up immediately after opening, so as not to lose its activity for too long and become ineffective.

b. When using the whitening facial mask, the time to apply it to the face is about 15-20 minutes. If it is applied for too long, the skin will be easily aged due to lack of oxygen, resulting in adverse effects.

2. Exfoliate and change the overall skin tone

Products that can accelerate cell renewal and promote cuticle peeling are used to remove melanocytes from the epidermis. Common ingredients include high concentration fruit acid of more than 20% and vitamin A acid of more than 0.1%. However, most of them have redness, swelling and tingling after use. Skin replacement may make the skin whiter than the original skin, but it is also more harmful to the skin. After the event, protection should be more comprehensive, otherwise it may turn black. If the frequency or dosage of fruit acid skin replacement is excessive, it will produce a toxic effect on black cells and produce a condition similar to leukoplakia. Suitable for people who want to whiten the overall skin tone or have thick cuticle of oily skin.

matters needing attention:

a. Skin changing is recommended in autumn and winter with weak sunshine. If there is an open wound, it should be avoided, and the skin can be changed only after the wound is scarred.

b. Do not change the skin too frequently. After using the product for 1 week, let the skin rest for 2-3 weeks, and wait for the skin to regenerate.

3. Laser operation has the best effect in removing spots

It is recognized by the medical beauty industry that the best spot removal effect is laser. The principle is that the laser slightly burns the superficial skin and stimulates the skin cells to accelerate the renewal. It is an invasive treatment with good effect, but the recovery period is long. The skin after laser will scab and turn black. When the scabs fall off, the skin will be renewed. The applicable objects are those with black spots and freckles on the face.

matters needing attention:

a. After laser surgery, the skin will have scabs, broken skin and other problems, and will become sensitive. At this time, sunscreen is also very important.

b. Open wounds on the face should be avoided.

4. Whitening needle safety to be tested

In addition to whitening ingredients, it can be added to eliminate fatigue and other ingredients according to individual needs. Usually, it is applied 1-2 times a week, and it takes about 3 months to start to take effect.

Precautions: the blood breaking inflammatory component (i.e. tranexamic acid) in the whitening needle can whiten, but may cause side effects such as hardening of heart vessels and reduction of menstrual volume.

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