How many practical whitening and skin care techniques are absolutely effective? Teach you some practical whitening and skin care skills, and the effect is absolutely powerful

In the scorching summer, beauty loving women are most afraid of being sunburned. In addition to practical whitening products, what are the better whitening and skin care skills?

Having said goodbye to the rainy spring, sunny and comfortable summer is coming again. Summer always gives people a warm and sunny feeling, and the tug of war between our skin and ultraviolet rays will further start. In hot summer, the protection of skin needs to be more meticulous, especially in skin whitening. Don’t let annoying ultraviolet rays take away the whiteness of skin. So, how to care for skin whitening? First of all, beauties should maintain a happy and relaxed mood, which is conducive to the health of skin. If you want to make your skin whiter, the following four methods can help you. Take a look!

1. Sun protection and post sun repair should be carried out at the same time

As many beauties who often go out in summer know, Mingming wears heavy sunscreen, and also wears umbrellas, sun hats and sunglasses. It seems that there are not a few sunscreen devices. Why is the skin still tanned? What’s the reason? In fact, the reason is very simple. No matter how good a sunscreen product is, it can’t completely insulate the skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Beauties should do a good job in repairing their skin after sunburn while sunscreen it. Only when they do a good job in repairing their skin after sunburn can they protect their skin from damage. After going out and returning, beauties must do a good job in repairing their skin after sunburn. No matter how well you do your sunscreen work, the repair work after sunburn must not fall behind.

2. Don’t let horniness accumulate on your face

If the skin of beauties wants to be white, then the excess horniness and dead skin must be cleaned out regularly and timely. Sunlight will not only cause a large amount of melanin deposition on the skin of beauties, but also accumulate a large amount of horniness and dead skin on the surface of the skin. These are obstacles to skin whitening. If it is not cleaned up in time, the skin will become darker and whiter.

3. Yogurt is a sharp tool for skin whitening

For skin whitening and freckling, the care of nutrients is indispensable. Yogurt is a powerful tool for efficient skin whitening. It is most suitable for beauties to use yogurt to whiten their skin. Yogurt contains a large amount of amino acids, which can help clean the horniness of the skin in depth while whitening the skin, so as to supplement nutrients for the skin. Beauties can directly smear yogurt on their facial skin and massage it properly. They can also immerse facial mask paper in yogurt and inject nutrition into their skin by applying facial mask, which is a very good choice for whitening their skin. In hot summer, beauties can also apply yogurt on their face after freezing, which can be used to whiten and repair damaged skin after sunburn, with excellent skin care effect!

4. Tonic and whitening are indispensable

Many beauties want to whiten their skin quickly. They always use a variety of skin care products, focusing more on the external whitening of the skin surface and less on the internal whitening of the body and skin. In fact, whitening skin needs to be repaired both internally and externally to make the skin truly white.

Beauties can eat more foods rich in vitamin C at ordinary times, such as all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables. Research shows that people who regularly eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C have much whiter skin than those who do not often eat vitamin C. to whiten their skin fundamentally, it is necessary to supplement some whitening foods appropriately, and it needs long-term persistence!

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