What are the characteristics and precautions of laser freckle removal

In modern times, many faces will have spots, and this has become a matter of great concern to people. If it is a girl, it will affect her self-confidence. Therefore, freckle removal has become a matter often discussed by people. Here experts suggest that laser freckle removal is very suitable for everyone. Share the characteristics and precautions of laser freckle removal:

Laser can produce a kind of visible light with high intensity and instantaneous energy. Laser light of different wavelengths will be absorbed by special colors or pigments in the skin, such as freckles, which easily absorb green light. The functions of lasers with various wavelengths and energies are also different. At present, there are 7 or 8 kinds of lasers used to treat skin problems. For example, the ruby laser, which is often heard, uses the principle of laser and Ruby as the medium. It mainly targets black and coffee pigments and spots. It combines light and pigments to decompose them. When the pigments are gradually absorbed by the body, the color of the spots will fade.

However, laser freckle removal is only ideal for nevus of Ota, freckles, senile plaques and blue and black tattoos, while the treatment effect for chloasma and post-inflammatory pigmentation is not good. It is easy to cause the result of “spending money and getting angry” because of the big gap between ideal and reality, and it is very easy to leave traces. After laser freckle removal, because the skin is irradiated by energy, there is redness and swelling, and even some people with sensitive skin have serious reactions. Some of the pigment has not completely disappeared after laser freckle removal, which will cause uneven facial appearance, white and black, which is very ugly.

Laser freckle removal has more advantages than traditional freezing, chemical peeling and other methods. Laser freckle removal is not only effective, but also rapid and has fewer adverse reactions. It is mainly reflected in the following points: clinically, it is found that the side effects of the previous treatment methods on the skin can be avoided after laser freckle removal, that is to say, the side effects of laser freckle removal will be relatively less.

Although the number of freckles and rashes in general is relatively large, most of them still exist in isolation without much fusion. The method of laser freckle removal can avoid the damage of normal skin to the maximum extent. General freckles can be treated by laser for about 3 times, which can achieve many times of treatment effects of other methods.

Four advantages of laser freckle removal:

1. Laser freckle removal simultaneously improves a variety of skin defects: telangiectasia, brown spots, and large pores

2. Full face treatment: break through the limitations of traditional treatment, so that the effect can reach every part of the whole face.

3. Laser freckle removal can effectively improve the texture and elasticity of skin: it makes the face smooth, delicate and elastic, which is a better choice for freckling removal.

4. No vacation is required for laser freckle removal: there will be no edema, erythema and other discomfort after treatment. After treatment, you can immediately put into normal work and life without resting at home. It is suitable for white-collar workers with busy work.

Postoperative care of laser freckle removal:

1. After laser treatment, it is normal to have redness and swelling because the skin is irradiated by energy. Sometimes there will be some slight bleeding, but it will subside soon.

2. Apply anti-inflammatory cream every day, and the wound will slowly form scabs, which will peel off and turn pink in about a week. Pay attention to keep clean during this process. And avoid being exposed to the sun, otherwise your skin will turn black.

3. If the pigment has not all subsided, the next whitening and freckle removing treatment can be carried out in about 2 months.

The above is the professional knowledge given by the experts. I believe that people who love beauty can see their own dawn after reading these. And now the price of doing this operation is not expensive, so laser freckle can give everyone a beautiful face.

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